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So, hi. It's been awhile... Sorry 'bout that. Life's gotten busy, I've been stressed, blah, blah, blah, but hey-I am back and ready to tell you about the latest happenings of our animal kingdom.

So first things first, waaaaay back in August, Tyler and I took engagement photos. Here is a sneak peek:

Aren't we adorable? Yeah, I think we are

Shortly after I went dress shopping. The first place we went was great but none of them were "the" dress. Later in October I went again and this time I found it. Of course those are the only details I will be sharing but it is gorgeous and I am looking forward to my alterations appointment this weekend! Tyler and I also booked a photographer and are now officially less than one year out from the wedding. So, that's the wedding update; things are moving forward and getting more exciting!

September was full of concerts, family in town (love you Genevieve), roofing the house (thanks Gen, Kaz, and Mike), as well as watching the seasons change. October included a 10k (I ran the whole thing just a minute shy of my time last year-yay!) with no knee pain, more roofing, a couple more concerts, a wicked awesome Halloween party (see below), and letting Sheldon go outside (we now officially have 3 indoor/outdoor cats).

Now it's November and the holidays are coming. I got to admit, I have been in a funk. I am not sure if it is school related or what but all of my busyness is catching up to me and I feel like I lost my mojo. I have been doing some introspective and I feel a little better. Here are a few things that I think will help:


My favorite smoothie: 1 T almond butter, 1 banana, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 2 ounces coffee, 4 ounces almond milk

1.  Get back to basics and my routine! I was trying to figure out my next step and I thought I wanted to get more fit, muscular, lower body fat, all that jazz so I was working out with a trainer. My food choices got all confused and I have had a hard time getting back on track. Getting back to a plant based diet is goal numero uno. And tracking again so I remain accountable.

2. Get in touch with my lovely fur babies. This pitty princess and I have been going for walks more lately and we both love it. My plan is to get out there every day with her! 
3. Run. 9 weeks until the Tinkerbell Marathon so I am a-training. I ran 5 sub-10minute miles. Woot!!! 
Halloween (My pics got out of order.. just roll with it) 
More Halloween pics. Those Gables are so awesome!

Aw, isn't he cute? 
4. Spend more quality time with my family and friends. This little girl is just lovely and spending time with her is the best. I got a pic of miss Addison below since she and her parents hung out with us last night. It was such a great time! 
Mmmm banana bread for the fiancĂ©

5. Spoil my fiancé more. He deserves it so! I want to show him how much a love him by doing things especially for him, like say, making him his own loaf of banana bread. Or helping him out with some his "chores". He spent the last 6 weeks on and off roofing the house! And he works so hard at work too! You should see the brewery!!! 
Told ya I had a picture of Miss Addison... so adorable

  6. And last, but certainly not least, is show myself more love. I am hard on myself and sometimes don't take the time to talk out my feelings and do things just for me.

We have 50 more days of 2013 and my plan is to stay true to the above goals stated above. What goals do you want to set and keep for the reminder of the year?


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