R & R... but not the good kind

 On my run yesterday (6 miles in 59:59!) I got to reflecting on where I started and how far I have come. First off, I have had GI issues with running since junior high. A lot of runners have various GI issues (click here for more details) and I am one of them. Back in 8th grade I was running the mile and towards the end my stomach started to cramp REALLY bad, I got really sweaty, and then got really light-headed and blacked out for a moment or two. I went to a GI doc and he said I had "runner's disease" (which sounds made up if you ask me and I have never found evidence of my condition in literature) where essentially my vagal nerve freaks out that all of my blood flow has gone to my extremities, causing me to pass out. I have been close to passing out on multiple occasions since 8th grade due to various types of exercise, not just running. So basically, my body appeared ill-equipped for serious cardio (insert sad violin music here).

Second, my Raynaud's makes running in temperatures colder than 65 degrees a bit uncomfortable (click here for more details).  I have had to find the right kind of gloves, socks, layering, and post-workout snack in order to avoid discomfort. Due to both of these issues, I think it could be very understood if I did not choose to run, especially in cold weather. However, yesterday I ran a decent paced run (for me) after it had snowed the night before, with the current temperature being 35 degrees, while it sprinkled a bit. I REFUSE to let these conditions prevent me from doing things I enjoy. I am proud of my perseverance and will-power that has enabled me to work through some of these annoying things so that I am not a victim. Sometimes we are dealt some rough cards and I truly believe our character is based on how we handle it all. We are all capable of improving our lives, not matter what our circumstance, as long as we have the right attitude and determination. I really believe that. And I encourage you all to remain positive and fight for what you enjoy, rather than accepting some of the less-than-fortunate events and issues that sometimes happen in our lives.

And now I have some pictures of breakfast from the other day (awkward segue :) ).

 Oatmeal in an almond butter container with a banana. I love being able to scrape the sides of my almond butter container when it has about a tablespoon left. So decadent!
I couldn't decide between sweet or savory so I had both! Both were super yummy. I have found that eating grains before working out does not work well for my tummy. I think I will still with a protein shake instead.

Have a good week everyone!!! 


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