Bellies and besties

This past weekend I was lucky enough to see my best friend, Jessica! She is 27 weeks pregnant and looks adorable! She was in town visiting her dad and step-mom as well as here to go to... So You Think You Can Dance! We are pretty nerdy about that show and since they were coming to Boise we decided to get tickets. Plus, we had a chance to head to David's Bridal for my dress alteration appointment.
Jessica and I generally center our visits around food, movies (a show in this case), and lots of talking! We got to do plenty of that on Sunday and Monday and it was just what I needed. Sunday we headed to the dress fitting so she as well as Kayla could see the dress. Danyel also joined us but she was seeing the dress for the second time. It was so nice to have them there to give me their thoughts on the dress as well as the alterations. We chatted about bridesmaids dresses too as well as invitations and I am just so lucky to have these 3 ladies in my life :)
On Monday Jessica and I went to Edge so I could show off all of the hard work my fianc√© has done on the brewery. She was pretty impressed and I was ultra proud. We then hit up the mall and window shopped as well as got pedicures. My feet have been in major need of some TLC so it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. That evening is when we went to the show. The dancers were truly amazing! I am so glad Jessica made the trip over because I had such a wonderful time!

 2 of my 3 bridesmaid are prego and I think they are SO cute! Jessica is 27 weeks and Kayla is 17 weeks. I can't wait until February and then April to meet their little bundles
So cute! I love them :)
Feeling very grateful to have such wonderful friends in my life. 


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