What are my goals? Where am I heading?

I am having some formatting issues so I will start my post with this picture of a smoothie I made yesterday. This smoothie is gorgeous and green, full of healthy fats and protein:
-1/2 avocado
- 1/2 c water
-1/4 cup frozen spinach
1 banana
- 1 scoop Sun Warrior Chocolate protein powder
-3 ice cubes
-1 tsp agave nectar

So what's with the cryptic title? Well I have been on this health journey for almost 2 years and I have updated and modified my goals throughout to always be challenging myself. It started out as a goal to lose weight and get healthy. Then I wanted to start getting in shape. Then it was to start competing in races, such as 2 5Ks, 2 10Ks, and a sprint triathlon. Once I made goal I started changing my diet to exclude animal products and by-products to help lower my cholesterol. Most recently my goal has been to be fit, by the definition of a fit body fat percentage.

So where am I?

Weight Loss: Well I have maintained my weight loss for nearly a year, which is just fantastic, I am still down a total of 52 lbs and have stayed within a few pounds of that loss.

Getting in Shape: I am still working on getting my knee back to where it was. I have been doing physical therapy for the last few months, strengthening my knee as well as stretching out my VERY tight muscles, including my calves and hips. I am currently training for Barber 2 Boise, which is a 10K scheduled for the first weekend in October.

Diet: A couple of months ago I decided to incorporate fish back in to my diet, at least in moderation. I do not eat fish more than once a week and I do not necessarily eat it every week. The fish I will eat is wild caught salmon as well as wild caught tuna. This fish is high in healthy fats and is beneficial for your skin and brain, and to me are flavorful and worth eating (as opposed to cod or tilapia that do not have as many benefits and are not as flavorful). I also started to eat egg whites, as they do not contain any cholesterol in them. My main reason for changing my diet was to reduce my cholesterol intake, making the only food in my diet that contains cholesterol the fish I eat in moderation. Essentially I am a pescatarian vegan, but truly I am going to take a page from one of my favorite bloggers, Hungry, Hungry, Hippie, and say that I am not sure I really need a label. If it makes things easy to explain then sure, labels are helpful but I really try to eat/drink foods that really help me meet my health and fitness goals.

Fitness: In order to help reach my fitness goals, I have been lifting weights, doing hot yoga, running, spinning, dabbling in cross fit and HIIT (high intensity interval training). I did meet with a trainer to discuss whether I am doing enough training, and the right length of time and frequency, to meet my goals. We discussed a little tweaking but for the most part, I think my biggest struggle is diet. I do not get enough protein when compared to the other macronutrients, fat and carbs. So I have recently invested in the book, Thrive, to give me some diet ideas. Plus, I have purchased some protein powers as well as increasing the amount of egg whites I eat.

This is still very much a work in progress. I have been using the app, myfitnesspal, to be aware of what the percentage of protein I intake on a regular basis but what has been tripping me up is monitoring my calories. With Weight Watchers, calories is not something you monitor. Fruits and most vegetables are considered "free" meaning you can essentially eat as much as you want to. When I am hungry, I want to know that I can always eat something, because I never want to be deprived. I also want to be able to enjoy treats in moderation, such as dark chocolate and beer. I have restricted myself over the last couple of weeks and what it ultimately has led to is two incidences of "binging" where I essentially ate without concern or reason to the amount of food I was eating as it was definitely not due to hunger. So, for me, I need to find a balance between eating healthfully, continuing to work on my fitness goals and decreasing my body fat, but without restricting myself too much so I avoid getting to the point of feeling deprived.

So enough of the emotional jibber jabber (thanks for reading and letting me voice my thoughts), here are some foods I have eaten recently to help bulk up the protein:

This was my breakfast that included a zucchini protein muffin as well as a zucchini veggie scramble. Can you tell it is summer since I am using tons of zucchini??? 
This was a breakfast my wonderful, amazing fiancée made for me the other day. I love how much he listens to me and supports my decisions when it comes to my health. Isn't that a GORGEOUS egg white omelet???
Another egg scramble, this one with a Mexican influence with the salsa and avocado. 
This was my soy crumble nacho salad since I was craving nachos like crazy! That's vegan cream cheese on top (love Tofutti brand!) 
And this last lovely thing was the breakfast I made before I went to the Dirty Dash. It was SO delicious and full of carbs and protein to keep me fueled. I have been digging food blogs as well as fitness profiles on instagram for inspirations. I hope you all have lots of inspiration in your life too!  


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