Gardening and cooking

I saw these on one of the blogs I follow, Ohsheglows, and knew I had to make them this weekend. I made the recipe as suggested except I did not have any sunflower seeds so I used some pumpkin seeds instead. They are delicious! They are hard but soft on the inside and sooo nutty and sweet from the almond butter and maple syrup. I had 3 and I am justifying it by saying I had to taste them, plus those three were shaped funny as they did not bind as well as the others :)

Our very large pumpkin on the patio

Moving on I have some updates on our ridiculous garden. I spent the day harvesting what I could and making some yummy things with our bounty. The pumpkin will be used this fall :)

Hops, green beans, fennel, green onions, chives, tomatoes, green chili, red chili

What used to be my lettuce box: spinach, arugula, romaine, and chard. The Arugula and Chard are still doing quite well although I cut a bunch and made some pesto (see below).

Tomatoes, jalapenos, red pepper

Sage, Oregano, Catnip, Mint, Rosemary, Rhubarb, Lemon cucumber, and the beginning of the pumpkin plant 

The pumpkin is taking over the whole patio

Sunflowers and wildflowers decorating the side yard

The pesto! I added fresh basil and sage, walnuts, garlic, and olive oil to my green chard and arugula. Once they are frozen I will put them in a bag and I will have pesto all fall!

Tomato Sauce-I used 4 tomatoes from my dad's garden and then all of ours, along with some fresh herbs, and simmered this down until it was nice and thick and saucy. I thought about canning but I really didn't have enough to go through all of the effort. Instead we will just have to have some pasta this week.

I also made some Kombucha, juiced some of our fruits and veggies that needed to be eaten, and cleaned the house while doing laundry. Phew! It's been a long, very productive day and I love that I have proof of all my efforts. Oh and I nearly forgot: I have a potato, squash, and eggplant stew cooking away in the crockpot and some homemade dough rising to be baked. Nothing satisfies me more than a nice productive day taking care of our home :)


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