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Baby don't you cry, gunna make a pie...

Gunna make a pie with a heart in the middle, Baby, don't be blue, gunna make for you, Gunna make a pie with a heart in the middle.
Gunna make a pie from heaven above, Gunna make a pie with strawberry love, Baby don't you cry, gunna make a pie, Gunna make a pie from the bottom of my heart.
~song from The Waitress
That song is a sweet little lullaby from the movie, The Waitress starring Keri Russell and I just thought it was totally fitting for the pie I made for my birthday. I don't have a lot of experience making pies but thought I would try out the "Smlove Pie" from my Veganomicon book to celebrate my birthday last week. It was crazy delicious and sooooo decadent. It was a pretty big hit! So here are the photos to explain the long, laboring, lovely process: The graham cracker crust  The filling mixture before I added the chocolate  Melted vegan carob chips. I had never melted chocolate with a double-boiler so that was fun!  The filling all mixed together (P.S.: I LOVE my f…

2nd Annual Wing Party

This past week Tyler and I hosted a Hot Wing Party at Kilted Dragon. Last year we hosted this party at our house and we had such a great turn out that we decided the Animal Kingdom is just not big enough to hold 20+ people very well (especially when it is February and no one wants to hang outside). So, Kilted Dragon brewery was kind and let us bring in our food and they served us beer (win-win!). After Tyler proposed I had this great idea to call it our engagement party too, but then I forgot to invite more people when that changed. So to any family or friends who would have liked to go, I am very sorry! I know there will be more engagement celebrating in the near future but I apologize for focusing more on the wing part of the party than the engagement part...

So anyway, we had a great turn out and I made some super yummy wings!
Cauliflower Hot Wings with a "buttermilk ranch" dip
I modified the recipe and used Sriracha hot sauce instead of Frank's and I did not use butter …