We are ENGAGED: Our Story

 Tyler and I got engaged last night! Being as most of the people who read this blog are either a friend of ours or family, I thought I would share the story of how it happened. So here goes!

First of all, Tyler and I have spoken multiple times about our goals in life and how we feel about each other. I over-analyze everything and am a total planner and just cannot help myself. I love romance and surprise and all that of course, but I am incredibly practical and well, have a hard time just letting big, important things in my life just "happen" without any control. As I get older I recognize that this is just the way life is; many things are out of your control and you just have to have a little trust that things will all work out. Being that I am not a faith-based person, this has been something I have had to learn. Anyway, I have just tried to chill, trust Tyler, and know that everything would happen the way that it should, and not drive myself crazy over the when/how whatevers. He has made it very clear that he loves me for me, is incredibly invested in our life and our future, and the formality of an engagement and marriage does not change how he feels about me. But needless to say, I am a GIRL and well, I am pretty damn excited!!!

So the story...

I get home from subbing at Weight Watchers to an immaculately manicured lawn, the house has been vacuumed, recycling and trash done, chickens taken care of, the freezer cleaned out, the empty beer bottles cleaned and organized, etc: a VERY clean and well-tidied home (does this guy know me or what?!?)! Then he got home from running errands and we went grocery shopping. Now to many people this may not seem exciting or anything (and it isn't) but Tyler and I both love the time we spend running errands together. It makes us feel accomplished and proud of how well we care for our home, ourselves, and our pets and truly, we just like spending time together, however mundane that time may seem. Next we went to a matinee, The is the End, which is not something we do very often as movies are expensive. This movie was roll-on-the-floor funny, to the point of near tears, so as you can tell, we were very happy people after the movie was over!

Next we get home and he comes around to the passenger door with one of my scarves. He had been asking me earlier that day about a bandanna and I had no idea what he planned on using it for (I am so trusting so I don't even question motives). He asks me to but the scarf over my eyes like a blindfold. He then leads me inside our house, careful not to let me stumble or crash into anything, as I warn him I am incredibly clumsy and accident-prone. He takes me inside and I hear music playing.  The song was "Lost in my mind" by The Heart and the Heart, a song that Tyler and I have heard many times and love, which is why Tyler asked my dad to learn it (total coincidence by the way). He then sits my down at the dining room table and asks me to take my blindfold off. When I open my eyes, he is down on one knee, offering a ring to me. He then, asks, "Will you marry me?" and I immediately well up and say "Yes". We embrace and kiss and then he goes to the oven while I look around. The table is set as well as a bucket with ice, flowers, and two types of beers.

The first is one of our favorites by North Coast, Old Rasputin and it is an imperial and just oh-so-delicious. The second, and most important is a Belgian saison (which I love) by North Coast called Merle. This beer was one that Tyler ordered from Old Chicago early in our relationship. This beer is corked, so when Tyler opened it he told me about a tradition his parents do. They take corks from wine bottles, write the event and the date, and then keep them in a large vase. He wrote our initials and the date on that cork and over the last 3 years he and I have done that with corks from various wine bottles and beers. About a year or so ago, Tyler bought this beer again and asked me if I remembered it. I said that I did and he told me the reason why he bought it was because it was our first cork. He actually does not care for the beer but knows I love it and he bought as the beer has special meaning for us. So last night, the beer we shared over dinner was that very same beer and the cork saved has "We're engaged!" written on it.

So from the oven, Tyler pulls out some tofu curry that has been staying warm in the oven. It is from "Sa-wa-dee" our favorite restaurant. I am in total surprise because he had been with me at the movies so how did all of this happen without me knowing? Well our friends Kaz and Shelley picked up the food, set up the table, put on the music, all while Tyler and I were gone! It was such a wonderful proposal thanks to our friends and especially the man I am betrothed to marry!

Afterwards we enjoyed a beer on our patio (one of our favorite things) and then went to Kilted Dragon and HomeBrewStuff to announce the news while we waited for my family to get out of their movie. My parents and brother then joined for some celebratory drinks. Evidently they all knew already but still, I had to tell them myself. I made my phone calls to my closest friends and family after that as well, wanting to tell everyone my wonderful news.

So that's our story, and I have to say I am so deliriously happy right now!
The beautiful ring 
The corks from the 3 beers we drank that night (the 2 mentioned above as well as one of the beers shared with my family) 
The bucket with the beers and flowers 
Our first picture as an engaged couple! 


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