Our animals

Being as how this is a blog about Tyler, myself, and our animals, I felt it necessary to give an update on all of them! First off- our chickens. We have 5 as 2 of them ended up being roosters and being as it is illegal to have them within city limits we no longer have them. With the 5 chickens we get about 2 dozen eggs a week, which is plenty! We have been sharing with friends and family as it is too much for us to eat. For one, I generally do not eat them, although recently had one in a breakfast scramble. I figure an egg or salmon every so often shouldn't have a huge effect on my cholesterol but I have another doctor appointment next month so we shall see. The only sad thing about having chickens is the whole pecking order instinct. We have one chicken who just looks tortured on a regular basis, which is really sad. Oh well, it is their nature and there isn't a whole lot I can do about it.

Next we have Mr Dexter. He has not been as cuddly as he once was as his little brother is a bit of an annoyance to him. However, when Sheldon is sleeping during the day Dexter will come by and snuggle. He is just the sweetest boy, even though he is by far the best hunter. We got a lovely gopher half eaten on the porch a few weeks ago. And then Kitty ate it... 

Speaking of Kitty, she is doing pretty good, although she is definitely starting to show her age more. Tyler and I had a realization recently regarding her age. We were shopping for dog food and saw one brand that said seniors (7+) and being that Kitty is 8 she is officially a senior dog. Kind of crazy! But her and I go on short walks and she loves it. I have come to realize short walks are where it is at for her. Between the weather (75+ is too hot for her, 65 and below gets a bit cold for my stupid hands) and her age I have gotten her over-heated and exhausted too many times walking anymore than 1.5 miles. We still to around 1 and it gives me extra exercise as well as her a good dose of it.  

Miss Nilly Bananas has been much more of a inside cat these days, spending a lot of time on her chair in the office (which by the way is COMPLETELY covered in hair and scratches and pretty much belongs to the cats now). She has spent some time sleeping on her bed and hanging out with us while we watch TV and evens tolerates Sheldon. She really is quite sweet, just very independent.

And last, but not least, is Mr Sheldon Cooper or as we call him "Shelly" or "Sheldor", common nicknames for Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. He is such a sweet little guy but definitely still a kitten. He is very vocal, loves to jump (and is finally getting good at it) and loves to play, particularly at 5am. Some of those quirks remind me of Piper, which is actually kind of nice. I miss her all the time but I think it is getting a little better. I used to have dreams about finding her ALL of the time and it's been a couple of months since I last did. Sheldon doesn't replace her in any way but his place in our family makes it more complete.  

And lastly I will leave you with this adorable picture of my boys loving on each other. It isn't often that they do this as normally they are fighting for this spot on the tower but when they do, it is SO cute! I love all my babies and am happy we have found each other.


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