My day with Bella

Last Sunday Bella and I got to spend the day together while her mom and dad moved into their new house. Her and I had a really good day, spending most of it outside. She seems to be going through a phase where she is not really a fan of men, including Tyler and her grandpa. Needless to say she was pretty clingy to me, which was really okay because I love that she is such a fan of me :)

So we got in the stroller and walked to the park. She is not much of a smiler but she is very patient and sweet. We will work on the smiling thing more.
The two of us at the park. I think that little hat or hers is the best! Love it!  
Her personality really came out while she was playing with my keys. For whatever reason they were way better than her toys. She also loves that little walker as I think she likes being a big girl. Speaking of which, this girl is crawling and pulling herself up these days! I didn't get to see the crawling but while we were lying in my bed trying to nap she was pulling herself up using the headboard. I guess I did get to see some crawling on the bed but not on the floor as a way of getting around. Any way, she is getting to be so big: nearly 8 months old now! 
And here are some swans that were hanging out at the park. We saw lots of ducks and their ducklings as well as as some other kids playing. It was such a beautiful day. 
And lastly we have Bella on the swings. She really was more interested in the others kids than the swing but we swung for awhile any way. We will be spending much more time at the park this summer I think!


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