Love me some vegan food!

Trip to Portland
Last weekend I was able to go see my best friend Jessica, in Vancouver, WA for a couple of days. Now while Jessica does live in Vancouver, she and her husband rarely spend much of their time there since Portland is so close and offers so much in entertainment, food, and drink. Since I have been eating vegan, Jessica and Ryan looked in to some great places to eat at in order to try some creative, and incredibly tasty, cuisine!
Jessica and I also spent time talking (something we do a LOT of) as well as a little shopping (which is so fun now that I can fit into normal size clothes!). It was so nice to catch up with her and spend time 1:1. I love her husband and of course time spent with the four of us when Tyler is there too, but it is not the same as having time just the two of us. I am thinking I may need to plan on biannual trips there because once a year is just not cutting it for me! Now here are some pictures of all of the yummy food we ate:
Delicious mushroom and leek quiche and a chai tea with soy milk from Back to Eden Bakery:
The following pictures are all from our 4 course dinner (as well as palette cleanser) from Natural Selection:

Everything was just so delicious and I am jealous we do not have more options here in Boise! Oh well, that is why Tyler and I cook at home (not to mention that it is WAY cheaper!).
Speaking of which, Tyler has not only been cooking more for me but he has also been eating it as is, without adding meat. My step-dad, Ron, has also become a plant-based eater and loves to join us for our culinary experiments. It is really nice having such supportive men in my life, making this a much easier change for me. I am grateful for their open minds and encouragement! 
Lastly, this week was a Chopped episode where all of the basket ingredients were plant-based. The chef who only cooks plant-based foods was the ultimate winner, wowing the judges with his creations. It just goes to show that you do not need meat products in your food in order to have it taste good. I really love that this was shown on such a popular show because my hope is that more people will become open to idea. Healthier people, healthier world... just makes sense :)


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