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We are ENGAGED: Our Story

Tyler and I got engaged last night! Being as most of the people who read this blog are either a friend of ours or family, I thought I would share the story of how it happened. So here goes!
First of all, Tyler and I have spoken multiple times about our goals in life and how we feel about each other. I over-analyze everything and am a total planner and just cannot help myself. I love romance and surprise and all that of course, but I am incredibly practical and well, have a hard time just letting big, important things in my life just "happen" without any control. As I get older I recognize that this is just the way life is; many things are out of your control and you just have to have a little trust that things will all work out. Being that I am not a faith-based person, this has been something I have had to learn. Anyway, I have just tried to chill, trust Tyler, and know that everything would happen the way that it should, and not drive myself crazy over the when/how whateve…

Love me some vegan food!

Trip to Portland Last weekend I was able to go see my best friend Jessica, in Vancouver, WA for a couple of days. Now while Jessica does live in Vancouver, she and her husband rarely spend much of their time there since Portland is so close and offers so much in entertainment, food, and drink. Since I have been eating vegan, Jessica and Ryan looked in to some great places to eat at in order to try some creative, and incredibly tasty, cuisine! Jessica and I also spent time talking (something we do a LOT of) as well as a little shopping (which is so fun now that I can fit into normal size clothes!). It was so nice to catch up with her and spend time 1:1. I love her husband and of course time spent with the four of us when Tyler is there too, but it is not the same as having time just the two of us. I am thinking I may need to plan on biannual trips there because once a year is just not cutting it for me! Now here are some pictures of all of the yummy food we ate: Delicious mushroom and lee…

My day with Bella

Last Sunday Bella and I got to spend the day together while her mom and dad moved into their new house. Her and I had a really good day, spending most of it outside. She seems to be going through a phase where she is not really a fan of men, including Tyler and her grandpa. Needless to say she was pretty clingy to me, which was really okay because I love that she is such a fan of me :)  So we got in the stroller and walked to the park. She is not much of a smiler but she is very patient and sweet. We will work on the smiling thing more. The two of us at the park. I think that little hat or hers is the best! Love it!   Her personality really came out while she was playing with my keys. For whatever reason they were way better than her toys. She also loves that little walker as I think she likes being a big girl. Speaking of which, this girl is crawling and pulling herself up these days! I didn't get to see the crawling but while we were lying in my bed trying to nap she was pulling h…

Our animals

Being as how this is a blog about Tyler, myself, and our animals, I felt it necessary to give an update on all of them! First off- our chickens. We have 5 as 2 of them ended up being roosters and being as it is illegal to have them within city limits we no longer have them. With the 5 chickens we get about 2 dozen eggs a week, which is plenty! We have been sharing with friends and family as it is too much for us to eat. For one, I generally do not eat them, although recently had one in a breakfast scramble. I figure an egg or salmon every so often shouldn't have a huge effect on my cholesterol but I have another doctor appointment next month so we shall see. The only sad thing about having chickens is the whole pecking order instinct. We have one chicken who just looks tortured on a regular basis, which is really sad. Oh well, it is their nature and there isn't a whole lot I can do about it.

Next we have Mr Dexter. He has not been as cuddly as he once was as his little brother…