My niece, Bella

My niece Bella is so incredibly adorable and a ton of fun to play with! Last weekend I got to meet up with my family at 10 Barrel Brewery and have lunch, which was yummy and oh so nice with the windows open in the large, open space.

Later, I had my family over to celebrate my mom's birthday from the previous weekend. Tyler grilled up some pork chops and tofu (for my parents and me) as well as some corn and asparagus. I had made some chive and garlic scalloped potatoes as well as a nice, big salad with my favorite asian dressing. Tyler and I love that dressing and it is now a favorite of my parents' as well as Dusty's girlfriend, Amber. Following dinner was some homemade dairy-free cheesecake (which was delicious!!!) and chocolate pie for my siblings. We chatted on the patio and enjoyed the lovely spring weather and the celebration of my mom coming into this world 55 years ago!

Lastly, Bella stayed the night with her Aunt Stacy and Uncle Tyler and we had a pretty good time! She slept most of the night and then in the morning we went for a drive across town (because I had an errand to run) and then we went for a walk in the Redwood Park right next to my house. This little girl definitely has me wrapped around her little finger! :)

Bella and Kitty hanging out. Bella is SO close to crawling!

A smile from Bella while at 10 Barrel
Bella playing with the remote and Sheldon looking on, not knowing what to think of this little human


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