Breaking through a plateau

I have mentioned in previous posts that my weight loss has really hit a plateau since the middle of February and now I am starting to gain a couple of pounds that don't seem to be water weight. I am not sure exactly where it is coming from so I am planning a little challenge for myself (I actually started on Tuesday, May 6th) to hopefully break through the plateau and be on my way to a lower body fat percentage and a bit more muscle definition. No, I am not planning on having a super muscular physique (not that there is anything wrong with that because I think it is awesome!) but I do want to have good muscle tone, less cellulite, and all that because let's face it, a bikini will look a lot better on me if I am able to lose a bit more of the extra fat. I figure I would log about it so I am more accountable! So here is the challenge(s):
 12 week challenge (End date- July 29):
Increased activity which means moving more on a regular basis, sitting less (getting up and walking/jumping jacks/standing squats/high knees, etc every hour from morning until night) , and increasing my intensity when I do work out (work out a minimum of 5 days/week: cardio-at least 150 min/week and strength train at least 3 days/week, HIIT workouts at least weekly such as plyometrics or other high intensity interval workouts)
20 day challenge (End date: May 25):
No alcohol
No butters including almond and peanut
No snack foods such as popcorn, pretzels, graham crackers
No chocolate
Bread or pita can only be in at one meal and only one serving
No concentrated sugars such as molasses, maple syrup, and honey
I hope this gives my metabolism a jumpstart!!!


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