Fun with food

 Lately I have been experimenting more and more with vegan recipes. I found a blog, "Hungry, hungry hippie" where she talked about not labeling herself as "vegan" because to her, it's just the way she eats, more personal preference as well as for health reasons (IBS issues) and I really related to this because I am not vegan for moral purposes. I also have some IBS issues as well as high cholesterol and quite frankly, I just like eating this way. Between her blog (which gave me the delicious cheesecake recipe down below) as well as the book Veganomicon by Isa Moskowitz which provided the Mac Daddy Mac n' Cheese recipe below, I have been having too much fun cooking and eating yummy food! Plus Tyler and I going to be making our own Kombucha so I will get lots of probiotics, which are generally found in yogurt, something I do not eat. I am looking forward to finding many more recipes to experiment with!

Mac Daddy Mac n Cheese 

The makings of Kombucha tea 

My mom's birthday cheesecake 


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