Two weeks ago I was fortunate enough to go to Anaheim, CA (AKA Disneyland) and present at the Western Institute of Nursing (WIN) conference! Beginning in 2012 my research partner, Erica and I started the Research Fellowship Program at St Luke's in order to learn how to perform nursing research in order to answer our question: Do post abdominal surgery patient, who watch cooking shows, have their bowel function return quicker than those who do not watch those shows? We haven't quite finished our project but preliminary data is showing that the cooking shows do in fact help with appetite return, which is super exciting! Anyway, Erica and I were asked to present along with faculty from Boise State and the directors of the Research Center at St Luke's, in order to discuss the relationship between the hospital and university and how it helps bedside nurses perform research. Erica and I gladly said yes and were lucky enough to represent St Luke's and the fellowship program.

The presentation itself went really well! We had lots of questions from the audience and it was overall such a wonderful experience!

Erica and I at WIN

Tyler and I decided to use this opportunity to go on a vacation just the two of us, which was a first for us! After the conference he and I went to Medieval Times (which I had been to before but still loved as an adult; Tyler LOVED IT!):

And then we also went to the Stone Brewery {which was just GORGEOUS and HUGE and the beer was pretty tasty too ;) }:

Another day we went to the Tar Pits in LA, which were interesting. I wanted to do something I had never done before so we went walking through the Tar Pits. Too bad we had to suffer through LA traffic but it was a pretty cool adventure. 

And lastly we went to.... DISNEYLAND!!! I've been there a few times but it had been awhile and Tyler hadn't been there since he was 5. We had a really awesome time!


  1. Ok, time to mix up the photo posing: make Tyler stand on your other side and put his left arm around you!


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