Celebrating Successes!

Eighteen months ago I started Weight Watchers, obese and definitely out of shape. Today I am at a healthy weight and just finished a sprint triathlon! I couldn't even run for more than 1 minute a year and a half ago, and now I have finished 6 races in the last 12 months with a half marathon coming up in 6 weeks. I am so incredibly proud of myself and all of the accomplishments I have achieved!

My swim was at the West YMCA last night and then the bike race and run were today. Last night I was so nervous because I had never done a race by myself before, nor have I been swimming and biking very long. I ended up swimming my best swim yet, 16:38, which was about 90 seconds faster than my best swim! Then my bike race today went so well (aside from having to tie my shoe a couple of miles into the ride) with my time being better than I expected. I don't have the official numbers but I had my watch on me and I think it was around 50 minutes for 12.5 miles. Immediately following the bike ride I had to run behind Camel's Back, up 8th St. for 3.1 miles. My legs were like jello making me have to walk for a bit to catch my breath! The uphill run was rough so I walked intermittently but I tried my best to run when I could. Once I hit the turn around and it became downhill I really picked up my stride. I think I ended up fininshing, overall, 1 hour 40 minutes-ish, which I am so thrilled with! My parents came down to cheer me on, as well as my cousins Danyel and Joel, and I am SO incredibly grateful! Danyel made an awesome sign and my parents took pictures of me throughout, really making the experience special. Thanks to you guys for being my cheerleaders and for the support!

This week Tyler and I head to California for my presentation at the WIN conference regarding my research project. Then the following week I will be heading to Salt Lake City for my Weight Watchers leadership training. Big things happening for me and I am really excited!

Lastly, school is going really well, although I am ready to be done with it. We got rid of our rooster, which makes us, and I am sure our neighbors, very happy. The cats and dog are great too... all is well is our little kingdom!


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