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Fun with food

Lately I have been experimenting more and more with vegan recipes. I found a blog, "Hungry, hungry hippie" where she talked about not labeling herself as "vegan" because to her, it's just the way she eats, more personal preference as well as for health reasons (IBS issues) and I really related to this because I am not vegan for moral purposes. I also have some IBS issues as well as high cholesterol and quite frankly, I just like eating this way. Between her blog (which gave me the delicious cheesecake recipe down below) as well as the book Veganomicon by Isa Moskowitz which provided the Mac Daddy Mac n' Cheese recipe below, I have been having too much fun cooking and eating yummy food! Plus Tyler and I going to be making our own Kombucha so I will get lots of probiotics, which are generally found in yogurt, something I do not eat. I am looking forward to finding many more recipes to experiment with!

Mac Daddy Mac n Cheese 
The makings of Kombucha tea 
My mom…

Weight Watchers training

Last week I went to Salt Lake City for Weight Watchers training. I wasn't sure what to expect but I had such a blast! I was fortunate enough to meet some really wonderful ladies who I was able to take the training with. I also had a really wonderful trainer. I learned so much and really felt ready for my first meeting. Here's some pictures of the training center (see below)

Last night was my first meeting that I led by myself. I think it went really well! And my mom was right there at the meeting which was so reassuring. Also some of my new coworkers got me some roses that I can plant in my yard and then my leader wrote a nice note on the board (see below)


Two weeks ago I was fortunate enough to go to Anaheim, CA (AKA Disneyland) and present at the Western Institute of Nursing (WIN) conference! Beginning in 2012 my research partner, Erica and I started the Research Fellowship Program at St Luke's in order to learn how to perform nursing research in order to answer our question: Do post abdominal surgery patient, who watch cooking shows, have their bowel function return quicker than those who do not watch those shows? We haven't quite finished our project but preliminary data is showing that the cooking shows do in fact help with appetite return, which is super exciting! Anyway, Erica and I were asked to present along with faculty from Boise State and the directors of the Research Center at St Luke's, in order to discuss the relationship between the hospital and university and how it helps bedside nurses perform research. Erica and I gladly said yes and were lucky enough to represent St Luke's and the fellowship program.

Celebrating Successes!

Eighteen months ago I started Weight Watchers, obese and definitely out of shape. Today I am at a healthy weight and just finished a sprint triathlon! I couldn't even run for more than 1 minute a year and a half ago, and now I have finished 6 races in the last 12 months with a half marathon coming up in 6 weeks. I am so incredibly proud of myself and all of the accomplishments I have achieved!

My swim was at the West YMCA last night and then the bike race and run were today. Last night I was so nervous because I had never done a race by myself before, nor have I been swimming and biking very long. I ended up swimming my best swim yet, 16:38, which was about 90 seconds faster than my best swim! Then my bike race today went so well (aside from having to tie my shoe a couple of miles into the ride) with my time being better than I expected. I don't have the official numbers but I had my watch on me and I think it was around 50 minutes for 12.5 miles. Immediately following the bike…