Last week it hit me that Tyler and I both are in a process of training for various things, keeping our lives quite busy! First I'll talk about Tyler:

Tyler is officially brewing a batch of beer for Kilted Dragon as one of the official brewers! It is their recipe but Tyler will be responsible for brewing a batch of beer when asked, which he will receive a percentage of the profits. He is officially pro, people! Today Tyler will go in there, with his very own key, and brew a batch of brew for the brewery. We are pretty stoked over here in the animal kingdom!

As for me, I started training at Weight Watchers last week as a receptionist and will start leader training sometime next month. It's kind of crazy that a little less than 18 months ago I was attending my first meeting and within a month or so I will be leading my first meeting. I am pretty excited to be able to help others as well as keep myself motivated and in-check!

I also started training for a sprint triathlon a few weeks ago but as of yesterday I have 4 weeks until that race and then 10 weeks until my first half marathon; I am starting to feel the pressure a little bit! Training is going well, although I still worry that I am not going to be as fast as I would like. I think it is important to set a reasonable goal prior to starting the race, so I have set a goal of completing all of the sprint triathlon in 1:40, thinking I can do the 750m swim in 18minutes, the 12.5mile bike ride in 50 minutes, and the 5K run in 32 minutes. That adds up to 1:40 even. I hope I can surprise myself and be a little faster but I know I will just be proud of myself for finishing. If I don't set a goal I don't think I would push myself as hard and really, competing in this race is about seeing what my body can accomplish.

I realized yesterday that these races are coming soon and lately I have been struggling with my weight fluctuating quite a bit. I am not sure what the culprit is but I do think it might have something to do with all of the beer I seem to be consuming lately! Generally I have 1-3 a week but lately it's been about 1-2 a day and I think it is catching up with me. Between now and my half marathon, I am going to lay off the booze to see if my body won't stay at a consistent weight. Just goes to show that exercising does not mean you can eat and drink whatever you want. Putting the right foods in your mouth is just as, if not more, important than regular exercise in order to lose or maintain weight.

Wish us luck with all of our training!


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