Maintenance and Moderation

For a little over a month I have been maintaining my weight, being 6 lbs below my goal weight that I set for Weight Watchers. To back up, the reason why I kept losing after I made goal:

-Technically I am 5'7, not 5'8, which is what I thought I was when I started WW. I set my goal 4 lbs below the max weight for 5'8 (based on the BMI table) but when I look at the 5'7 table, my goal weight is the max weight for my height. So technically if I gain 1lb over my goal weight I am considered overweight, which is a bit deflating.
-Not only do I want to be a healthy weight for my height, I also do not want to be "skinny fat" which is when someone is at a healthy weight but their body fat percentage is too high, because they are not physically fit. A health body fat percentage for a woman is between 18-25%, and the last time I had mine checked I was at 27%.

I was continuing to see the scale go down until about a month ago. For the last several weeks I have been staying the same. I don't know if my recent increase in working out may be the culprit, because maybe my fat is turning in to muscle making the scale stay the same. I don't know if I am making poor choices (ie beer, too many carbs, dark chocolate) or if maybe my portions are out of whack.

At first I was going to give up all alcohol and dark chocolate but then I thought, I need to moderate my diet, not completely give up the small treats I have, since I am already vegan! So I have decided: one beer (or drink but seriously, I usually drink beer) per day on the weekends, 1 cup of coffee per day, one serving of dark chocolate per day(at least 70% cacoa), one serving of healthy fish once a week (I know, I know, I will explain) and watch my portions of things and continue to track, track, track so I am aware of what is going in my mouth. I am going to keep working out hard, with taking rest days too, and we'll see where it all ends up. I think if I continue to stay the same I will see a trainer and have my body fat percentage done again. If it is still high I might talk with him and see what I can improve on. It might be that my body likes to be at my current weight. If it is a healthy weight and I continue to put healthy items in my body and exercise regularly, I think I am doing all of the right things.

About the fish: I have done a lot of reading as well as attending a short seminar or diets, and thought healthy fish is predominately listed as something to include in your diet. Now I am not talking about tilapia or other fish that is low in fat and other healthy nutrients, I am talking about tuna and salmon and other fish that is high in healthy fats and omega-3s, which are nutrients needed in anyone's diet. Now I don't think it is absolutely necessary but I thought for me, eating it once a week would give me the good nutrients without effecting me in a negative way, such as increasing my cholesterol (because it is only once a week). When I have my labs drawn again in July I will see how it is affected my cholesterol. If there is an increase then I will modify this choice. If it stayed the same or continued to lower, I think that is a sign that my body is responding well to my choices in my diet.

I have read and learned so many things about how to be healthy but I really believe that every person is different and some bodies respond differently to various foods and exercise. It takes trial and error and a will to make changes in your life in order to see improvements. I don't think I will ever be an "expert" but I plan to continue to learn and open up myself to new ideas and thoughts and to keep working on it.


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