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Lots of recipe experimenting!

Over the last few weeks it seems that Tyler and I have been experimenting with several different recipes, all of which have come out pretty well! I thought I would share since we have been enjoying them so:

Vegan's Shepherd's Pie:

I find that I do not generally follow a recipe exactly as it is intended. I mixed the two recipes because the vegan one used zuccini and I wanted to use carrots, celery, and peas like the traditional recipe. I also liked the idea of putting ketchup and siriracha in the mix because I like a little bit of heat but the ketchup sounded really good too. It turned out delicious! Unfortunately I did not take a picture but the recipe made 2 pie dishes so I have the other in the the freezer. When we decide to heat it up I will post a picture.

I also made some Mexican Hot …

Maintenance and Moderation

For a little over a month I have been maintaining my weight, being 6 lbs below my goal weight that I set for Weight Watchers. To back up, the reason why I kept losing after I made goal:

-Technically I am 5'7, not 5'8, which is what I thought I was when I started WW. I set my goal 4 lbs below the max weight for 5'8 (based on the BMI table) but when I look at the 5'7 table, my goal weight is the max weight for my height. So technically if I gain 1lb over my goal weight I am considered overweight, which is a bit deflating.
-Not only do I want to be a healthy weight for my height, I also do not want to be "skinny fat" which is when someone is at a healthy weight but their body fat percentage is too high, because they are not physically fit. A health body fat percentage for a woman is between 18-25%, and the last time I had mine checked I was at 27%.

I was continuing to see the scale go down until about a month ago. For the last several weeks I have been staying the …


Last week it hit me that Tyler and I both are in a process of training for various things, keeping our lives quite busy! First I'll talk about Tyler:

Tyler is officially brewing a batch of beer for Kilted Dragon as one of the official brewers! It is their recipe but Tyler will be responsible for brewing a batch of beer when asked, which he will receive a percentage of the profits. He is officially pro, people! Today Tyler will go in there, with his very own key, and brew a batch of brew for the brewery. We are pretty stoked over here in the animal kingdom!

As for me, I started training at Weight Watchers last week as a receptionist and will start leader training sometime next month. It's kind of crazy that a little less than 18 months ago I was attending my first meeting and within a month or so I will be leading my first meeting. I am pretty excited to be able to help others as well as keep myself motivated and in-check!

I also started training for a sprint triathlon a few weeks…