Valentine's, Bend, and more!

Since my last post, which was only 2 weeks ago, several fun and exciting things have happened. I'll start from the beginning:

First, I had an interview with the Weight Watchers director in our region and it went incredibly well! She told me at the end of the interview that she thinks I will be a perfect addition to their team and that I will be hearing from her in a few weeks to let me know which meetings she has available for me to start working at! Initially I will most likely be a receptionist and then after some time learning the ins and outs of Weight Watchers from the business side, I will become a leader/facilitator of the meetings. I think this will really help me remain accountable as well as up to date on the latest news in Weight Watchers and fuel my passion for nutrition, health, and fitness. I also think it will be rewarding to help make an impact in the community by improving health, which is an extension of my position at St Luke's.

Next, Tyler and I were pretty adorable this past Valentine's. I have him little Valentine love notes every day from Feb 1 to Feb 14th that he found in various places such as his wallet, his shoe, his coat, his lunch bag, in the shower, on his car door, etc. It all led up to the gift of a few fancy beers that I found at the Co-op. He treated me by giving me a my favorite beer, decadent chocolate, and a beautiful heart diamond necklace.

Finally we went to Bend, Oregon with our friends, Kaz and Shelley, to enjoy the Winterfest. We meet up with their friends Liz and Alex from Portland and all stayed in this wonderful bed and breakfast near downtown Bend. We ended up spending most of our time drinking delicious beers while following the Bend Ale Trail, eating yummy food, and playing tons of board games. We never really experienced the Winterfest but instead sort of walked around the main tent area. Due to lack of snow and a fee to enter, we decided to pass on the festival itself. We had such a great time and I am so glad that we went!


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