An Update

So it has been another 2 months since I last updated my blog and the only excuse I have come with is grad school has kept me busy... even though I don't really think that is a very good excuse. Oh well, my goal is to try to update the blog at a minimum of monthly but ideally weekly. We shall see how that goes. So what have I been up to? Well I am glad you asked!

First off, as I mentioned, one of the activities keeping me busy is grad school. It's been going by pretty fast as I finish in a year from now and only started in June! It is nice because so many of the topics relate to my work making it all the more applicable and interesting. Speaking of work, I really enjoy my job and feel like I am really getting into the role. Education is definitely my niche and I am glad I have figured that out so early into my career. Tyler also is really enjoying his job. He has started teaching the beer making class every 3 weeks at work and is enjoying that. He also gets to go to Philadelphia for the National Homebrewer's Association Convention, which is just awesome! In addition, for my job, Tyler and I get to go to Anaheim in April for a research conference where I will be presenting our research project with my research partner. Things at work are going really well for both of us!

Tyler, Kitty, and me on Christmas morning
Since the last time I posted, I do have some news on the front of my health and weight. For one, the whole foods, plant-based diet has been successful! My cholesterol is now 206 (from 229) and my cholesterol ratio is 3.8 instead of 5.1 (greater than 5 is considered too high and generally calls for cholesterol-lowering pills). I have not found it to be too teribly difficult and I enjoy the way I feel without the meat and dairy. So far it has been 3 months and I am still going strong. Since I made lifetime at Weight Watchers I have continued to lose some of my excess weight. I have now lost a total of 57.4 lbs and hope to lose another 5-10lbs. My main goal is to have my body fat percentage be close to 23%. Right now it is 27% so I am getting there. I have signed up for a sprint triathlon in April and plan to sign up for a half marathon in May. I have a lot of training in the next couple of months and I am stoked to meet my fitness goals.

Another wonderful thing to enter my life since the last time I posted is the newest addition to our Animal Kingdom: Sheldon Cooper! He is the sweetest, most adorable little cat and he totally completes our family. He is cuddly too, which is something that was wonderful about Piper, who I still miss like crazy.

Dr Sheldon Lee Cooper Evans
Over the holidays, Tyler and I got to spend a lot of time with family. We were lucky enough to have Tyler's mom down for Christmas as well as New Year's and she spoiled us with some wonderful Christmas gifts, including a pressure cooker. My parents also got us a few kitchen gadgets, all of which have been put to great use. That is a new interest of mine: much more complicated and exotic foods to spice up the vegan diet. These gadgets from our parents have definitely helped with that and I am so grateful. I also got to hang with my brother and sister multiple times, which is always nice. Although they live here I just don't feel like I see them enough.

Making sweet potato soup for Christmas dinner

And the newest addition to the Marler/Tucker family is my neice Bella, who I cannot believe I have not gushed over yet on this blog! Bella is just so stinkin cute and a really good baby and I love being an aunt to her!

Bella wearing the onesie I got her that says, "I love my aunt"
That's an update from us- I hope to make them more frequent and less long/random! Here's to a wonderful 2013!


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