It's official-I am no longer fat!

I weighed in today and I am down 48.2lbs, which is fantastic and I am just SO ecstatic about it! Even better I am now within my healthy weight range for my body mass index, meaning that I am no longer overweight! I haven't been able to say that for 8 years and it is just such an incredible feeling to know that not only have I lost weight but I have truly changed the state of my health.

Speaking of health, in the last 10 months I have gone from being a sedentary, obese, inhaler-dependent, unfit, and unhealthy person to an active, healthy, inhaler-free, 5K and 10K racer who is passionate about food and exercise! For me it is not just about the weight loss but all of the other benefits I have received through this process of joining Weight Watchers and focusing on my health. Last October I was unable to run more than 2 minutes, I couldn't do a push up, I used an inhaler everyday, had chronic back pain, and honestly thought that I couldn't improve those things because of my state of health. However, once I began to focus on my diet and some of the weight started to fall off, I thought I should start incorporating regular exercise into my life in order to keep up my results. I started with just going to the gym and using the weight equipment and the elliptical and gradually began to move on to different work outs. I started doing some of the classes my gym offered such as a weight lifting class, a spinning class, and a dance class, which were all really fun and something I usually did with my mom or some of my friends. I think the thing that worked the best for me was packing my gym bag the night before and then putting it in my car. I would then schedule an appointment on my calendar to go to the gym on my way home from work. This allowed my to start going to the gym 4-5 times per week and after a few weeks, it was a habit.

Since then I have taken kickboxing classes, hot yoga classes, and started running. I love changing it up! I have gained so much confidence too because as my body gets fitter the various exercises are so much easier to do. I find that the hot yoga really helps my back pain, the running has helped me be able to control my breath which has helped with my asthma, and the weight lifting has definitely helped tone my body making me feel sexy and beautiful, two things I didn't feel prior to starting my weight loss and fitness journey.

I also haven't given up on the foods I love! I still enjoy beer from time to time, peanut butter, chocolate and bread! I just enjoy them in moderation and make sure I eat great the rest of the day as well as get in my exercise. I don't believe in starving myself to lose weight nor deny my body the healthy fats it needs.

I guess my overall point is there is no miracle drug to help you lost weight and become more fit. It takes discipline and hard work to stay consistent in order to see results, and it is SO NOT EASY! But it IS worth it if you are willing to give it a try. Remember to be patient with yourself; it took my 8 years to gain the 48.2 lbs so it is okay that it took me 10months to get it off. I think the hardest part of it all though is just taking the initial step towards being healthier and changing those bad habits into good ones. Once you are able to do, that your lifestyle has changed, and that is when it starts to get easier.

In the weight watchers meeting I have heard people say that they don't exercise because of their health problems or they refuse to give up soda or some other vice. My advice is to start slow, like say go for a 10 minute walk twice a day and gradually increase your speed and length of time. Also, maybe try reducing the amount of soda you drink each day rather than giving it up cold turkey. And truly if you aren't willing to make those changes then I think you need to start accepting the way you are now. You cannot change if you aren't willing to put in the work.

I have 4 lbs to go and I am confident I will meet my goal. I also plan to run a 10K this October after the 5mile obstacle course later this month called the Dirty Dash! After that my fitness goals include running a half marathon and then a sprint triathlon next summer. Another piece of advice: make goals and then reward yourself when you meet them! Just make sure they are not food related rewards! That defeats the purpose! Make it work out clothes or make an audio book or something. Whatever it is, make sure it keeps you motivated to achieve your goals. Good luck!


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