BIG milestones today!

It has been a while since my last post so I thought I better give an update. This past month and a half has been great; I started my new job as the Medical Surgical Service Line Educator so I am now away from the main hospital and work at the off-campus education site. This will include some traveling between the various St Luke's sites, which I think will be really cool and different. It will be quite an adjustment going from the unit level to the system level, making me responsible for all education in all of the Adult Health areas within the St Luke's Healthy System, but I think it will be an excellent adventure!

In addition to the new job Tyler and I have planted our gardens and are excited to start seeing some produce popping up! Tyler continues to brew, which he is quick becoming an expert at along with my step-dad, Ron. I am definitely enjoying the tasting part of it so I fully endorse this hobby... aside from the laundry room turning into a brew room! Tyler has a plan to help with this so hopefully that will be come less of an issue :)

And finally my mom and I both hit some major milestones with Weight Watchers: mom has lost 20lbs and I have lost 40lbs! After a little over 7 months my mom and I have lost a substantial amount of weight and are continuing to lose. I am so proud of my mom and myself for all that we have done in the past several months. In addition to the weight I have gotten way more into physical fitness, which I have really been enjoying. I have been going to the gym regularly (at least 4times per week) for 6 months and when I am not at the gym I am taking a kickboxing class, running outside, walking Kitty, hiking up Table Rock, doing weights at home, pilates at home, or, for instance, taking a hot yoga class this Saturday. I work out 6 days/week and I love it! I have certain days that I work out with my cousin, Kayla (who is also losing weight and looking fantastic), and with my mom. I do a dance class at the gym at least once a week where I work out with a couple girlfriends too. The last 2 weekends several of my family members have walked up Table Rock, which is just awesome! So many people in my life are making the choice to be more active and if I can help in any way I am happy too! It's been such a blast! Coming up my mom, cousins Kayla and Danyel, and I are going to be running a 5K called the Great Potato Race and then in August I am getting some people together to do the Dirty Dash, which is a 5mile obstacle course in which you get all sorts of muddy! I know all of these changes in my life I have been making over the past 7 months are permanent-no gimmicks here! And I am just truly grateful that I have been able to have the support, motivation, and inspiration, and DETERMINATION to keep it going! I got 12.2lbs left to go and I AM going to get it done; preferably by Carey's wedding but at the very least my birthday coming up in July!
Cousin Shelby, my mom, me, and Danyel taken last weekend


  1. Great you all are becoming more physical fit and looking so good! I encourage you to keep going to reach your goal and to stay at that weight, which will really be a challenge.

    Love, Aunt Kath


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