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BIG milestones today!

It has been a while since my last post so I thought I better give an update. This past month and a half has been great; I started my new job as the Medical Surgical Service Line Educator so I am now away from the main hospital and work at the off-campus education site. This will include some traveling between the various St Luke's sites, which I think will be really cool and different. It will be quite an adjustment going from the unit level to the system level, making me responsible for all education in all of the Adult Health areas within the St Luke's Healthy System, but I think it will be an excellent adventure!

In addition to the new job Tyler and I have planted our gardens and are excited to start seeing some produce popping up! Tyler continues to brew, which he is quick becoming an expert at along with my step-dad, Ron. I am definitely enjoying the tasting part of it so I fully endorse this hobby... aside from the laundry room turning into a brew room! Tyler has a plan t…