Recent projects!

I have been focusing so much on me and my journey to better health that I personally haven't had other projects to talk about. Tyler on the other hand is busy as always working on various projects so here is update on that:

Tyler has created a business called "SkyLimb" which includes homemade soap, homemade lip balm, and functional art in the form of woodworking. Check it out here:!/Skylimb and like his page :)

More recently Tyler has been working with my dad to brew their own beer, which has been so cool, especially since I get to help them drink it! We named the brewery, Ustick Brewing. Their first beer was a porter we have named: "It's a porter" and it was quite tasty! It went pretty fast .They then made an Octoberfest which we kept the name for that one. Last Sunday they made a Raspberry Wheat and a Pale Ale which should be ready next weekend. My dad, Ron, created a blog, check it out here:

Next we are looking at starting our seeds for our gardens. We have a lot of flowers that are popping up out of the ground and out of my flower pot which tells me spring is on its way! I cannot wait! We will be getting more chickens as well as some rabbits for meat. I am ready to enjoy some nicer weather and work on our house :)


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