Miss Addison's 1st birthday!

My cousin, Kayla's daughter Addison turned 1 last week! Kayla and I grew up together and have always been pretty close but have definitely gotten closer as we have become adults. It has been so much fun being a part of Kayla's life because she is pretty awesome! In the last year it has been even more so because her daughter is just about the cutest, sweetest thing to have ever existed! Seeing her grow and learn has been a huge joy and I am so excited to see the person she becomes!

The party itself was just adorable! Kayla made these cute monkey cupcakes and wonderful appetizers- it was pretty awesome! The place was packed because it is impossible to not love this little girl! It was definitely a great time and I am very fortunate to have these 2 lovely ladies in my life :)

 How can you not love that birthday girl!?!
 Kayla did an AWESOME job on the cake and the cupcakes!
 Great Aunt Nettie with her Addi
 Me with my little A.R.G!
 Princess Addison (I had to pass on my princess powers to her... I guess I am too old for the title)
Yummy cake!


  1. Great pictures, Stacy! I am glad you are close with your cousin. I am enjoying the adult you have become as well.


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