Busy bees! Spring is here!

Since the weather has improved over the last few weeks Tyler and I have begun working on some new projects. First, the area by the chicken coop and shred has become quite the mud trail due to the shred blocking the sun from shining on that patch of the yard. Tyler's solution? Homemade stepping stones! Genevieve had some pottery that had broken while being glazed which she generous donated to our cause which made for beautiful centerpieces to the cement step! It is really going to help with the mud but also brighten up the yard in a homemade, unique way! Tyler is so clever :)

Second our yard needed some help! Unfortunately it does not appear that weeds stop growing in the winter so that was job one. Then the grass had a few bald patches from our lovely dog Kitty! Tyler got the "Save a Tree" product from Zamzows and dowsed the area with it and then put some grass seed down and fenced off the area to prevent further damage. We also got some fertilizer for the whole yard to help it be green and beautiful in the coming weeks.

Third Tyler got to work on getting our gardens ready! We went and got about 1,000lbs of manure from a local Horse Stable and filled up our 4 garden boxes. He then covered it to allow the contents to get nice and hot so the first will be ready for planting come May. Lastly we bought a ton of seeds from peppers to sweet corn to tomatoes, etc and planted those in some seed boxes. Hopefully that will cut down on the cost of start up plants and we will see some nice crops popping up here soon.

Working on these projects together is some of the best things that Tyler and I do together. I love spending that time with him making improvements on the house and being able to see the fruits of our labor. I definitely got lucky him falling for me :)


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