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Miss Addison's 1st birthday!

My cousin, Kayla's daughter Addison turned 1 last week! Kayla and I grew up together and have always been pretty close but have definitely gotten closer as we have become adults. It has been so much fun being a part of Kayla's life because she is pretty awesome! In the last year it has been even more so because her daughter is just about the cutest, sweetest thing to have ever existed! Seeing her grow and learn has been a huge joy and I am so excited to see the person she becomes!
The party itself was just adorable! Kayla made these cute monkey cupcakes and wonderful appetizers- it was pretty awesome! The place was packed because it is impossible to not love this little girl! It was definitely a great time and I am very fortunate to have these 2 lovely ladies in my life :)
 How can you not love that birthday girl!?!  Kayla did an AWESOME job on the cake and the cupcakes!  Great Aunt Nettie with her Addi  Me with my little A.R.G!  Princess Addison (I had to pass on my princess power…

St Patrick's Day!

Tyler's mom came to town for a long weekend and got to spend St Patrick's Day with us. Tyler made a roast with red potatoes and carrots, cooked cabbage, and homemade bread: simply delicious! We also got to break into the homemade cider to make Snakebites (cider with Guinness) which was just phenomenal! My parents came over for dinner and then we hung and chatted and had an awesome time! Unfortunately the night before St Patrick's Day, Tyler's sister Genevieve left Boise for her new start in Montana. I say unfortunately because we are going to miss her but we are excited for her new life in Polson and wish her the best of luck!

Tyler and me in our Jameson shirts
Tyler with his cider and cutting board Being weird

Busy bees! Spring is here!

Since the weather has improved over the last few weeks Tyler and I have begun working on some new projects. First, the area by the chicken coop and shred has become quite the mud trail due to the shred blocking the sun from shining on that patch of the yard. Tyler's solution? Homemade stepping stones! Genevieve had some pottery that had broken while being glazed which she generous donated to our cause which made for beautiful centerpieces to the cement step! It is really going to help with the mud but also brighten up the yard in a homemade, unique way! Tyler is so clever :)

Second our yard needed some help! Unfortunately it does not appear that weeds stop growing in the winter so that was job one. Then the grass had a few bald patches from our lovely dog Kitty! Tyler got the "Save a Tree" product from Zamzows and dowsed the area with it and then put some grass seed down and fenced off the area to prevent further damage. We also got some fertilizer for the whole yard to h…


Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about the person I am and the person I want to be. Weight Watchers pushed me to focus on everything I put in my mouth and how much movement I do every day which has gradually turned into why I eat and drink those certain things and what has prevented me from moving more. I think I have always blamed my poor choices on "not having enough time" or "being too stressed" or "wanting to be like those people who can eat anything and not gain weight" but I know those were just excuses. I think I didn't see how much strength and will power I have. Sure it didn't happen overnight and I am not perfect by any means. Each day I try to push myself a little bit more. Whether it be that I ate one bite less than I normally would have or I pushed my activity for one extra minute I am still doing more than I was before, which was not a whole lot.

This has been a process. And what I mean by "this" is my entire 26 ye…

Recent projects!

I have been focusing so much on me and my journey to better health that I personally haven't had other projects to talk about. Tyler on the other hand is busy as always working on various projects so here is update on that:

Tyler has created a business called "SkyLimb" which includes homemade soap, homemade lip balm, and functional art in the form of woodworking. Check it out here:!/Skylimb and like his page :)

More recently Tyler has been working with my dad to brew their own beer, which has been so cool, especially since I get to help them drink it! We named the brewery, Ustick Brewing. Their first beer was a porter we have named: "It's a porter" and it was quite tasty! It went pretty fast .They then made an Octoberfest which we kept the name for that one. Last Sunday they made a Raspberry Wheat and a Pale Ale which should be ready next weekend. My dad, Ron, created a blog, check it out here:…

34.2lbs down, 18 inches slimmer, and training for a 5K!

Since my last post I completed my challenge and have since started a new one. The last challenge was a great success; Tyler and I started incorporating more tofu into our diets and eating less red meat and I stayed away from alcohol, chips, and soda and ended up losing 5lbs in 10days! The challenge I am currently doing compromises of 4 things: Keeping track of how many ounces of water I am drinking, the number of minutes I work out, staying on point (or within my Weight Watchers points) by tracking everything I eat, and my personal challenge- to do something active every day for 21 days. The water and the tracking part has been easy but I got sick earlier this week so I had to slow down on the activity. On Monday I just did 20minutes of Pilates at home and then Tuesday I didn't do anything active. Last Saturday I did work out  twice though with going to Kickboxing in the morning and then going out dancing that night so I don't feel guilty about it at all. These challenges are …