Tucson, AZ!

New Year's weekend was spent in Tucson with Tyler's family. Tyler's mom, Cynthia is turning 60 and Tyler's grandma turned 80 so we had a lot to celebrate! Tyler and I were very fortunate to be included in the fantastic weekend and we had a wonderful time!

When we first got there we noticed it was quite a bit warmer than Boise! YAY! About 40 degrees warmer. We jumped in the van and were whisked away to a little town called Tubac near the Mexican border. Here we had lunch (which included a $0.50 shot of tequila!) and then ventured around to the little shops in the area. They had a lot of cool art including yard art and beautiful woodwork and various other trades. I bought a glass ring that was pretty awesome!

 A cool piece of art

Another cool piece of art
We then went back to Tucson to take a look at the house we were staying in. Man was it an interesting place! Built in the 1850s and remodeled over time, the house was very traditional to the area meaning there roof was made from the spine of the cactus and the walls were made from concrete. There was a lot of brick and beautiful tile as well as beautiful stained glass and thick wood doors. The most interesting part though was the decor. It looked like a creepy Catholic church with a 5 foot crucifix to boot! See pics below!

From the food and wine to the games and great conversation as well as the time spent in the kick ass hot tub, Tyler and I had a great time!
 Tyler and his mom
Tyler and Grandma Carol 

Tyler's aunt Linda


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