Feelin' good!

Last weekend I went and bought myself workout clothes to celebrate losing 20lbs. I got a couple tops and a couple bottoms since Fred Meyer was having a decent sale. I haven't worn them yet because I still don't feel super comfortable in form-fitting clothes. Well after my last weigh in I am finally into a weight zone that I haven't seen in 3 years, giving me the confidence to put the clothes on!

My mom and I bought 12 sessions of kickboxing classes through Living Social and decided to give it a try this morning. I knew I would be sweating hard and want a lot of flexibility in my outfit. I put on  one of my new tops and bottoms (I didn't try on the work out clothes at the store, just bought them based on size) and I felt GOOD! Immediately I showed Tyler, who concured on how I looked, and I wanted to take a picture! And of course, wanted to show it off to my friends and family: see below!

By the way, kickboxing is so only fun and effective but it is appropriate for men too! So guys- if you are wanting to work out, get some cardio and strengthen your muscles without lifting weights, give it a try!


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