Weight Watchers!

About 5 weeks ago my mom and I joined Weight Watchers. I have jloined once before, solely online, and did not have a lot of success with it. In the past year I have gained 20lbs so something needed to change! I love Tyler's cooking skills, obviously, but I do not need to eat loads of it! It's about portion control and getting your butt moving!

I wanted to share my success because I am so stoked right now! In the past 5 weeks I have lost 11 lbs, which means I hit my 5% goal! Now I still have a ways to go but I am just so proud of what I have accomplished thus far. And to be honest, I have been so encouraged my ultimate goal is to be a lifetime member! I think I am on the right track: getting help from my mom, my boyfriend, my cousin, and all the people on-line that I have become friends with. I want to have people keep me accountable... I think it is the only way to stay truly motivated!!! I am going to post my "before" picture and hopefully in a couple of months I can post my "after" picture. I am thinking another 9lbs I will post a "progress" picture. Here's to a lifetime of healthy living!!!

                                                                     My "before" picture


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