Tyler's mom visits and projects continue!

This weekend was full of projects and fun! Cynthia, Tyler's mom came into town and spent some time with us this weekend. Yesterday we started the day we a yummy breakfast Tyler made which included eggs from our chickens. They were scrumptious! Then we took a trip to Home Depot (Tyler's playland) and bought some supplies to make 3 gardens in our front yard.

Tyler and Cynthia went on to mke soap and pickle some eggs and a jar of pickled carrots while I went bridesmaid dress shopping with a friend of mine who is getting married. The soap they made is "Bacon soap", which is exactly what it sounds like- soap that has bacon bits thrown in to make it look and smell like bacon. It definitely looks like bacon with a hint of the smell. Turned out pretty nice!

Tyler then made up the boxes for the garden while Cynthia and I went to my parents' house to take some of their leaves and newspaper so we could add it to the garden. They treated us to a nice beer and we visited for a bit. Since it was pretty dark by the time we got back we decided to save the filling of the gardens untilk today.

This morning Tyler and I laid a layer of newspaper on the grass inside the garden boxes to help prevent grass from growing up through the garden. We then put leaves on top of that to help give a nice base for the garden. We wet that down to prevent the leaves from blowing away. After that we took nearly 75% of the compost and layered that on top of the leaves. Now we just need a little dirt and manure and we are set for next spring to plant some vegetables and such. It is nice to be able to reuse so many things and make it purposeful! Our chickens were having a fun time playing in the compost all the while we did this- they are pretty cute! Here are a couple pictures of the new gardens:


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