Tattoo Progression

About a year and a half ago I started working on a tattoo idea in memory of my dad, who died when I was 14 years old. It was going to be his name and dates in big swirls on my foot leading up my ankle and calf. I had a friend draw it up and some of the loops began to look like peacock feathers. It then inspired the idea of a peacock tattoo.

A friend of mine drew up a really nice peacock, which I then brought to a tattoo artist. With the drawing and their artistic interpretation, we got started on putting it to flesh. It ended up being quite large so I thought it would be best on my back so I could easily hide it for professional reasons.

A few weeks after the 10 year anniversary of my dad's death, we got started with the actual tattoo. In about 3 months I got about 99% of the outline and shading done. I was really happy with the results. The artist put my dad's name and dates hidden in the feathers like I asked him to, however no one, including me, can read it very well. With money restraints and lack of time I stopped seeing that tattoo artist.

About 6 months ago, Tyler did some work for a tattoo artist's new shop. I was able to meet this gentleman and strike up a new tattoo artist relationship! He was happy to finish the tattoo with me and we got started last July. I really like the colors he is putting into it! I think it is going to be gorgeous when we get done! His name is Scotty and he owns "Peggy's Not So Scary Tattoo Shop" off Hill Rd-check him out!

 Because you can't read the names and dates in the feathers we decided to go over it and think up a new way to put it in there. I actually am thinking about maybe not doing the names and dates because I know what the peacock means, I know his name and his birthday and the day he died... so I don't know that I need it written on my body permanently. I dunno, we shall see! It is still in the works! Here are some pictures in the mean time!
The outline

The head and some body

The main portion of the body

The feathers

We have some color!

Even  more color!

After the 5th session, we are getting closer!


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