My wonderful boyfriend!

I have known since the day Tyler and I reconnected that he is such a wonderful man. However,  last night  he out-did himself! I get home, after working a 10 hours day and sweating my butt off at the gym for an hour, to an amazing suprise! The house was mostly dark aside from two candles burning on the dining room table. The table was set with 2 glasses of wine and upon hearing the garage open, he started to take our perfect dinner out of the oven (where it was staying warm) and put it on the table. The he proceded to turn on some nice Jack Johnson music which is always relaxed and romantic.

He made steak with sauteed onions and mushrooms on top, steamed asparagus, and cooked some sweet potato in a bit of olive oil and made a white wine and raisin sauce to be drizzled on top. It was SO delicious! I was pretty shocked because I did not see it coming!

And to top it all off, when I asked him what the special occasion was he said, "I know you had a class that you were teaching for the first time today and you worked really hard to prepare it and I thought you deserved a nice dinner." How supportive is he?!? And that fact that he made this super healthy meal because he supports my recent decision to join Weight Watchers and my success in losing nearly 10lbs.

How lucky am I? I just had to boast about how amazing he is! I am so incredibly grateful to have this man in my life. I look forward to spending my future with him! I love you Tyler Evans!


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