Halloween Party!

Last Saturday Tyler and I had a Halloween Party at our place. We invited quite a few people but it seems only 8 could come and party with us. Which is fine by us; big parties are a lot of work! Tyler went as a "creeper" and I went as the school girl he was "creeping" on. It was really inexpensive getting items mostly from Thrift Stores but it was a fun couple costume idea. Tyler is so creative and twisted- I love it!

We ended up making some appetizers- fairly healthy ones too I might add. Some salsa and chips, pretzels, and a veggie tray with some hummus. We made some ranch dip and got some ruffles for those who are not a fan of the healthier items. Everyone brought their choice of beverage and we all played some drinking Jenga. Let's just say it did its job-most everyone got to feeling pretty good!

I think we are getting older because the party dispersed at about midnight, which is much earlier than in the past. Oh well, I think it might be our last Halloween Party for a little while; I would like to do some of the happenings around Boise. For example, I want to learn the Thriller dance and do the Zombie dance/walk next year! That sounds like a ton of fun! All in all we had a great time! Dressing up with your friends is always a good time!

                                                              My brother, Dusty
                                                                     Tyler and Me

                                                                    Cody and Emma


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