Like I said in my first post- Tyler and I have been getting crafty!

I have been knitting- knit another scark for my friend Emma's birthday and knitted myself a washcloth. I also ventured out and made my own lip balm. Tyler got some beeswax from his boss, Ty, and I bought some shea butter, peppermint oil, and some containers from the co op and figured out how to do it. It turned out great! I want to make body scrubs next and maybe lotion... we'll see how that goes.

Tyler and I made our own soap last week. We even used lye and lard! My cousin, Danyel, works at a meat cutlery and was able to get some lard for us. The lye was a bit trickier. First it is not sold anywhere but on-line and then you have to make sure to order other soap making supplies otherwise it looks like we are trying to make meth or a bomb or something! But once we learned all the safety issues around it- I understand all the trouble!

Tyler was pretty excited about doing the hazardous part; no surprises there! We got everything measured out and then he got his apron and gloves and face mask on to start mixing it all together! He said he felt like a mad scientist or something! Too funny! Once we had our base we mixed in some honey, oatmeal, lavendar and some grapeseed oil. It turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

Tyler also made a chess set for his friend Cody- it is pretty incredible! He also sewed a blanket from crowne royal bags. He also picked a bunch of grapes from Cody's yard and has been making some wine. It already tastes delicious! Should be really nice in a few months!

It all definitely keeps us happy and busy! We love the nights where we do our projects, listen to music, drink some wine and just enjoy each other! Definitely some of the happiest times of my life... :)


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