Our Garden

So it has been a little over a month since I lasted posted anything so I have some making up to do! First off let me tell you about our garden; one of the many projects we have had since last Spring.

I have never had a garden before because I always thought it would be a nice thing to have, especially with the cost of food and quite frankly, the chemicals that are used on the produce in grocery stores. Tyler has some experience with gardens and he was really excited about having our own to do what we wanted with.

We picked out a large area in the backyard, got some railroad ties and some dirt and created the base for our garden. We also established a compost pile so we could throw it all of our organic waste. This was also a nice place to put the chicken coop since the chickens will eat our food that we waste. Once it was nice enough, about early May, we got some various things to plant: strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos, catnip, oregano, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, pumpkins, and Thai peppers. We planted them and I gotta admit, I was super stoked! A couple of days later the temperature dropped below freezing... I guess that's Boise for ya! Everything seemed to make it except our tomatoes! So we gave it about another week, once all the snow was melted off Bogus Basin, and re-planted. Unfortunately we had to learn the hard way but at least we know for next year!

Once it started getting nice and warm the garden was growing like crazy! Tons of cilantro, catnip, and strawberries right off the bat! We made some super tasty salsa this summer; the fresh cilantro making it amazing! The cats all have plenty of catnip to last through next year too! Everything continued to grow a little bit slower up until about August. Once August hit we had an insane amount of tomatoes and our pumpkins were growing around the patio trying to come in our back door! We definitely did something right!

Over the past month we have been harvesting our crop. In order to not waste any we started canning. Tyler can make some mean tomato sauce! We also pickled cucumbers and jalapenos and various other things that sounded good pickled. This week the temperature just went below freezing which meant a TON of green tomatoes. Tyler got the idea to make green salsa and can it-we will see how it turns out! Tyler's boss, Ty, also has a garden and has given us some jalapenos to make relish and some zuccini. Now Tyler has told me since we started dating how much he hates zuccini, claiming it is the only food he doesn't like. Ty gave us some free zuccini from his garden encouraging Tyler to give it another whirl. Tyler first fried it and loved it! But who doesn't love stuff when it's fried? Then he tried it pickled-delicious! We also baked it and stuffed it with a ground turkey and tomato sauce which was just fantastic! I think his taste buds have changed :)

Since we had such a great first year with our garden Tyler thought about making 3 more up front. To be honest I was a little nervous at first because that is a lot of land being taken up for gardens. However the water bill is not too fun to pay in the summer and I may as well be growing food with it so I think he is on to something there. I think that will be the next project: a picket fence up front with 3 more gardens! Next summer is going to be even better!


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