I seriously love Halloween! I think it's because Autumn is really and truly here. We have the leaves changing color and the cooler weather which means scarves and pumpkin spice lattes, which I love! And then pumpkin carving and dressing up and just generally having a great time!

We got 5 pumpkins from our garden this year so we spent the other night carving a few of them. We also collected the seeds so we could roast them and have a nice snack. It is deifnitely nice knowing that the efforts we made in the Spring continued through the fall! It was nice not having to spend money on pumpkins this year!

Tyler made a scary guy to sit in the green chair out front. It is the Jason mask for the head which is pretty creepy. I hope our newspaper delivery guy and milkman don't get too freaked out by us!

My pumpkin

Tyler's pumpkins

These are the pumpkins from our garden!

And this coming Saturday is our Halloween pary! We went to Savers last night to get the last of our costumer supplies. Tyler is going as a "creeper" and I am a school girl. Hey- at least we are doing couples' themed costumes! Definitely going to be an adult party! Should be fun though!


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