This past August Tyler and I decided we needed chickens for fresh eggs. He built a coop for them that attaches to the shed and encompasses the compost pile. He attached a really pretty gate to the front of it because he knew I would like to have something purr-ty; he's just sweet like that. Once we had it ready we started looking on-line to find some.

Tyler came across an ad from this woman in Nampa. She has a chicken farm so she had some fairly young chickens for sale. We went out there and picked them up. At the time I didn't realize just how small they indeed were. Now after having them 3 months and how huge they have gotten I am now realizing that they were practically chicks! They are just so cute though! But dumb as rocks! Oh well, they don't have to be smart I suppose. Still, it would be nice if they could at least figure out where the nesting spot is and that they are suppose to start laying eggs! I keep hoping every morning that we will have some but they either haven't figured it out or they aren't old enough! Oh well, it will happen eventually. Until then they sure are cute to look at!


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