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I seriously love Halloween! I think it's because Autumn is really and truly here. We have the leaves changing color and the cooler weather which means scarves and pumpkin spice lattes, which I love! And then pumpkin carving and dressing up and just generally having a great time!

We got 5 pumpkins from our garden this year so we spent the other night carving a few of them. We also collected the seeds so we could roast them and have a nice snack. It is deifnitely nice knowing that the efforts we made in the Spring continued through the fall! It was nice not having to spend money on pumpkins this year!

Tyler made a scary guy to sit in the green chair out front. It is the Jason mask for the head which is pretty creepy. I hope our newspaper delivery guy and milkman don't get too freaked out by us!

My pumpkin
Tyler's pumpkins
These are the pumpkins from our garden!
And this coming Saturday is our Halloween pary! We went to Savers last night to get the last of our costumer supplies. Ty…


Like I said in my first post- Tyler and I have been getting crafty!

I have been knitting- knit another scark for my friend Emma's birthday and knitted myself a washcloth. I also ventured out and made my own lip balm. Tyler got some beeswax from his boss, Ty, and I bought some shea butter, peppermint oil, and some containers from the co op and figured out how to do it. It turned out great! I want to make body scrubs next and maybe lotion... we'll see how that goes.

Tyler and I made our own soap last week. We even used lye and lard! My cousin, Danyel, works at a meat cutlery and was able to get some lard for us. The lye was a bit trickier. First it is not sold anywhere but on-line and then you have to make sure to order other soap making supplies otherwise it looks like we are trying to make meth or a bomb or something! But once we learned all the safety issues around it- I understand all the trouble!

Tyler was pretty excited about doing the hazardous part; no surprises there! We…


This past August Tyler and I decided we needed chickens for fresh eggs. He built a coop for them that attaches to the shed and encompasses the compost pile. He attached a really pretty gate to the front of it because he knew I would like to have something purr-ty; he's just sweet like that. Once we had it ready we started looking on-line to find some.

Tyler came across an ad from this woman in Nampa. She has a chicken farm so she had some fairly young chickens for sale. We went out there and picked them up. At the time I didn't realize just how small they indeed were. Now after having them 3 months and how huge they have gotten I am now realizing that they were practically chicks! They are just so cute though! But dumb as rocks! Oh well, they don't have to be smart I suppose. Still, it would be nice if they could at least figure out where the nesting spot is and that they are suppose to start laying eggs! I keep hoping every morning that we will have some but they either ha…

Our Garden

So it has been a little over a month since I lasted posted anything so I have some making up to do! First off let me tell you about our garden; one of the many projects we have had since last Spring.

I have never had a garden before because I always thought it would be a nice thing to have, especially with the cost of food and quite frankly, the chemicals that are used on the produce in grocery stores. Tyler has some experience with gardens and he was really excited about having our own to do what we wanted with.

We picked out a large area in the backyard, got some railroad ties and some dirt and created the base for our garden. We also established a compost pile so we could throw it all of our organic waste. This was also a nice place to put the chicken coop since the chickens will eat our food that we waste. Once it was nice enough, about early May, we got some various things to plant: strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos, catnip, oregano, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, pumpkin…