Creating a blog!

Hello and welcome to our blog! I say "our" but to be honest I will be the one updating this! However I wanted to have an outlet to share the on-goings of our life together without having to post it all over Facebook. So if you want to know what Tyler, Kitty( our dog), Piper, Nilly, Dexter (all 3 are our cats), Galina, MC, Charlie (our chickens) and I are up to- follow us in this blog!

 Lately Tyler and I have been getting crafty! Tyler has always been creative but I always wanted to and never made the time. About a month and a half ago I started knitting. I am loving it! So far I have made myself a scarf and 3 washcloths for my friends' housewarming party. I am very proud of myself! On top of it Tyler and I have been gardening together and made some homemade granola bars! They were super yummy! Also Tyler canned and pickled lots of things; many of them were from our garden.

We also got chickens about 2 weeks ago. We named them Galina, MC (Middle Chicken) and Charlie. They are super cute! They are about 5 months old and haven't started laying eggs yet. However they seem to be adjusting and loving their chicken coop so it should be soon. Tyler and I can't wait for natural eggs!

Lately Tyler and I have been really focusing on trying to buy locally, re-use as much as possible, recycle nearly everything, and the rest we try to put in the compost. Our garbage rarely is full but our recycling seems to be overflowing! I have recycled in the past but never realized just how much I can do and since I have been educated by my lovely boyfriend and his wonderful family, I am really enjoying having a better awareness of how my actions affect my surroundings.

I am looking forward to Fall! We have 5 pumpkins nearly completely orange! Definitely tells me Fall is on its way! The past month or so has been really rough with our AC being on the fritz. Tyler and I are sick of nights in our sweltering hot house! Thank goodness for the patio with the fantastic awning that Tyler built this past Spring! If it weren't for the cooling off in the evening out on the patio Tyler and I would not have made it! So pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, pumpkin carving and the beautiful colors of Autumn are on their way!

The next plan involves getting a picket fence built in the front with a few more gardens. If we have to pay an astronomical amount for water, we may as well be watering things for us to eat instead of just grass for looks! More info and blog updates to come!!!


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