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Creating a blog!

Hello and welcome to our blog! I say "our" but to be honest I will be the one updating this! However I wanted to have an outlet to share the on-goings of our life together without having to post it all over Facebook. So if you want to know what Tyler, Kitty( our dog), Piper, Nilly, Dexter (all 3 are our cats), Galina, MC, Charlie (our chickens) and I are up to- follow us in this blog!

 Lately Tyler and I have been getting crafty! Tyler has always been creative but I always wanted to and never made the time. About a month and a half ago I started knitting. I am loving it! So far I have made myself a scarf and 3 washcloths for my friends' housewarming party. I am very proud of myself! On top of it Tyler and I have been gardening together and made some homemade granola bars! They were super yummy! Also Tyler canned and pickled lots of things; many of them were from our garden.

We also got chickens about 2 weeks ago. We named them Galina, MC (Middle Chicken) and Charlie. They…