Happy Father's Day

I don't remember the day I met my stepdad, Ron. You see, I have a very decent memory. I remember most things, specifically certain details that always seem mundane or insignificant. I wouldn't say it's flawless or always accurate but generally I can be trusted to be a good historian. So when I say I can't remember meeting this important figure in my life, my first reaction was surprise and maybe a little bit of disappointment. I was 5, which means memories are indeed select and harder to come by given the age and how long ago it was, but still, wouldn't you think it would be momentous? 

As I got to thinking more about it, I started to think about my mom and my brother, two of the very most important people in my life. I don't remember meeting them either. I was only 11 months old when I met Dusty and well, with my mom I met her in utero I suppose, haha. 

The thing about those 3 relationships is that they are solid. They are my rocks. For as long as I can remember…

Writing a Memoir

I've been considering writing a memoir for awhile now. I still don't know if I will but I really enjoy sharing some of the more difficult moments of my life via writing. It seems those posts usually resonate with many of you, too. So while I ponder over the memoir, I may as well write out the stories that come to me and share them here. Today is the anniversary of the death of my dad, Gerald. This memory or story, has been in my head for the past 19 years. Today I was inspired to write about it. 

The Phone Call The day was shaping up to be a good day for adventure. It was a week into summer vacation, the summer before the beginning of high school. I was 6 weeks shy of my 15th birthday, an important one as I would get my driver’s license, a rite of passage I was very looking forward to. I had spent the night with my best friend, Alison, which was already a pattern thus far during the summer as we hadn’t spent a night apart since the last day of school. It was rare we stayed at he…

I'm Not Perfect (and Neither are You)

Hi friends! It's April and it's also been quite awhile since I have posted (3 whole months in fact!). I really haven't felt much like writing because I didn't have much to say. I swear since I started posting more IG stories, there hasn't been as much to say. Until now (dunh dunh dunh!) :)

Today's post is all about not being perfect, ahem, as the title suggests. I'm pretty passionate about the planet, as you likely know being a reader of the blog. With it being Earth Month, the topic is pretty timely. One of my passions is reducing waste. I actually did a fun presentation in February for Energize Boise, which was titled exactly that- Reducing Waste. It was the first time I have ever presented on the topic as well as the first time I have presented outside of my normal job, and I admit I was nervous. My parents were on the board who organized the event and encouraged me to submit an abstract. I did hesitate because I don't feel like an expert. I don't…

28 Day Cleanse: Before & After

Hi friends! I hope you are all enjoying your holidays. I know I have been! It's Christmas Eve here and I am looking forward to spending this evening and tomorrow with my family. 

In my last post, which you can read here, I spoke about my new routines to help combat the winter blues. One of those new routines was following a cleanse that I read about in the book Medical Medium by Anthony Williams. I hadn't been super inconsistent with taking care of myself. Healthy choices were sort of in a spurt fashion and then I would easily give into the craving for something with gluten, or alcohol, or so much chocolate or not making it to the gym or sleeping too much... just general depression and funk stuff. Even though all of that food tastes good and it is nice to sleep, it didn't make me feel better. In fact, I was super swollen at every joint, bloated, and had gained a significant amount of weight. And frankly, I was tired of it. I needed more of a kick than all of my false starts…

Beating Those Winter Blues

I'm writing to you on a snowy Sunday morning, all cozy snuggled up next to my puppy. In my last post (which you can read HERE)  I mentioned that Winter in the Northwest of the US where I live can be pretty dreary, which leads me to not feeling my best. I do think I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a mood disorder characterized by depression at a particular time of year. You can read more about HERE. The lack of regular sunshine as well as the cold bums me out pretty hard. On top of that, the holiday season has been really hard on me the last few years. Going into the season, I decided to combat it head on and do my best to ward off feeling too blue. Here are a few ways I have been taking care of myself in order to keep my spirits up:

1. Morning Routine:This one really encompasses a few tactics. The first being I am going to bed and getting up at the same time every day. I noticed my dog wakes me up usually by 630 and I normally get him into bed and go back to…

Garden Progress Month by Month 2018

Hi friends! Thanks for all of the love and support on my last post! It meant so much to me to be able to share an exciting event in my life and receive so much kindness back. If you missed my post on finding my half-brother and bio dad, you can read it HERE

Today is the last day of November and the last few days have been a bit dreary, for me. I say "for me" because I have found there are many people who love fog and gray skies and rain, which is obviously fantastic; we can't all be the same. I, on the other hand, prefer blue skies and white puffy clouds. That essentially means that from mid-November through the first of February I am pretty f*ucked. So, in order to beat those winter blues (anyone else feel me?), I have been trying a few new things to get my mind space right. I'll share those deets in my next post. For today, I have been reminiscing on my garden through this past year. Everything out there right now looks like a limp noodle so I think even my winter…

The Story of Finding My Bio Brother & Bio Dad

I have debated on sharing this story because it's a very personal one. It also affects a lot of people in my life as well as my bio dad's and half-brother's lives as well. But with their blessing, I want to share because not only do I want to document such an important event in my life, I also think it could help others who may be going through a similar experience. So sit back and relax... an epic story is coming your way.

Once upon a time... The day I was born
At the age of 10 years old, home sick from school, my mom told me the story of how I was conceived. My dad had a low sperm count and the OBGYN told my parents it was not likely they would have a child. My parents, especially my mom, wanted children so badly. In 1984 Reproductive Medicine was a brand new specialty and in my little town, these were truly the pioneer days for alternative conception. Her physician suggested artificial insemination. My mom recalls writing down a description of what she wanted the donor to…