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Happy Father's Day

I don't remember the day I met my stepdad, Ron. You see, I have a very decent memory. I remember most things, specifically certain details that always seem mundane or insignificant. I wouldn't say it's flawless or always accurate but generally I can be trusted to be a good historian. So when I say I can't remember meeting this important figure in my life, my first reaction was surprise and maybe a little bit of disappointment. I was 5, which means memories are indeed select and harder to come by given the age and how long ago it was, but still, wouldn't you think it would be momentous? 

As I got to thinking more about it, I started to think about my mom and my brother, two of the very most important people in my life. I don't remember meeting them either. I was only 11 months old when I met Dusty and well, with my mom I met her in utero I suppose, haha. 

The thing about those 3 relationships is that they are solid. They are my rocks. For as long as I can remember…

Writing a Memoir

I've been considering writing a memoir for awhile now. I still don't know if I will but I really enjoy sharing some of the more difficult moments of my life via writing. It seems those posts usually resonate with many of you, too. So while I ponder over the memoir, I may as well write out the stories that come to me and share them here. Today is the anniversary of the death of my dad, Gerald. This memory or story, has been in my head for the past 19 years. Today I was inspired to write about it. 

The Phone Call The day was shaping up to be a good day for adventure. It was a week into summer vacation, the summer before the beginning of high school. I was 6 weeks shy of my 15th birthday, an important one as I would get my driver’s license, a rite of passage I was very looking forward to. I had spent the night with my best friend, Alison, which was already a pattern thus far during the summer as we hadn’t spent a night apart since the last day of school. It was rare we stayed at he…