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Monthly Garden Check In: May Edition

I thought a good habit this growing season would be to post monthly updates of the garden! I love seeing it change and how green everything is by the summer. 
 We added 3 chickens to our flock of 4, making 7 total! It's been a week and everyone seems to be getting things figured out. All hens are laying and I think they will get their pecking order sorted soon.   I planted a rose bush to deter Winston from barking and scratching at the fence at Finn, the neighbor's dog. So far it seems to be working. The rose bush needs to grow quickly!   The front yard from the Southwest side. The Black Lace Elderberry is coming in strong!   The view from the Northwest side. Cannot wait to fill all of the boxes with our starts!  The view from the Northeast side.  The view from the Southeast side.