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I am back with another WIAW. Also I have a weigh in update! I lost 6 lbs since my last weigh in and I am feeling really good. Staying away from SOS has helped tame my taste buds. Plus I have been really focusing on getting in more greens. I try to ask myself, "How can I make this meal even more nutritious?" before I dig in. 
I woke at 0730, showered and was eating this by 820: Breakfast was 2 pieces of TJ's Brown Rice Bread. Disclaimer: is it not oil free but guys-it is gluten free AND Corn free and was $4 a loaf. And it tastes like toast! I am calling this a win. On top I have 1/4 avocado with some homemade alfalfa sprouts. Then I added some black pepper. For my beverages I have warm lemon water and a green smoothie (banana, kale, wild blueberries, peas, pineapple, and spirulina).
At 0835 I headed to work while finishing my smoothie. I drank some water and some green tea throughout the morning and then had this for lunch at noon: It doesn't look like much but it is tast…

What I Ate Wednesday

I thought I would try something new (to me) today and do a What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) post, like I have seen many other bloggers do. I have had MANY people ask me what I eat since it is different than the Standard American Diet. This is a fairly typical day of eating for me. I tracked my food via My Fitness Pal and today's eats were about 1500 calories. 

0800: I started the day with oatmeal. I took 1/2 cup old fashioned oats, 1 tbsp ground flax seeds (for the omega 3s!), and added 1 cup filtered water. Once mostly cooked, I threw in 1/2 cup frozen wild blueberries (all the antioxidants!) to get warmed up. I then added 1 tbsp pepitas (for the zinc and crunch), 1 tbsp peanut butter (homemade!) and 1 banana. I left it all in the pot because... less dishes! 
Give me all the beverages! Before I woofed down the oatmeal, I had 16 oz of warm lemon water to help with detoxing my liver. After the oatmeal I had a 16 oz green smoothie (peas, kale, wild blueberries, banana, and spirulina powder…

Viva Las Vegas!

This is my 3rd and final post for today. I am not going to post too much here because I blew up Facebook and Instagram over the weekend. Check out more pictures and video there! My handle is @simplewholehappy
I have wanted to see Britney since "...Hit Me Baby One More Time" and this weekend I finally go to! My mom and dad bought me a trip to Vegas; the place, hotel, and concert tickets all for a Christmas present. How great are they?!? My aunt did the same for my cousin, Kayla, so we got to experience it together. My parents joined us aside from seeing Britney (they went to Blue Man Group) and then my friend and her brother did as well, they just had much better seats! 
We managed to do quite a bit of walking (17,000 steps according to my mom's fitbit) around checking out the new (and old) casinos. We played some slots (I won $11) and drank a little and puffed on a cigar. Real classy folks we are :)
Then we headed to Spice in Planet Hollywood Casino for their buffet. It was…

Real Talk

Post #2 today. This post is about me getting real. I am putting myself out there and being vulnerable. It is not an easy thing to do but I think it will be therapeutic for me. So here goes...

This blog started as a way to share what is happening in mine and Tyler's lives, along with our animals and our home. It morphed into more about my journey to better health. Those are always the posts I get the post comments and responses from, as well as the posts that seem to get read most often. Those are the posts around losing weight, running, yoga, and then our gardening posts seem to be a pretty big hit too. This tells me that my readers like to hear about my progress with my health and weight loss/maintenance, even if it is not full of unicorns and rainbows. Therefore, I am coming clean.

I have had posts before where I have talked about some of my weight gain and also how I lost it again. The beginning of 2016 was really a great time for me. I was motivated and consistent and for 3 mont…

SOS Free Challenge

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I am fortunate enough to get today off so I am busy getting some chores done, meal prepping, and writing on the blog today! This is the 1st of 3 posts so get ready for some reading!

As I mentioned in my last post, I am starting a SOS Challenge. I was asked what "SOS" stood for and evidently it also stands for "Shit on a shingle" referencing chip beef in gravy on toast, which is definitely NOT what I a talking about :) Although, I am not eating that either! 

Here I mean "Salt, Oil, and Sugar." As you all know, I eat a plant based (rationale: originally to lower my cholesterol, which worked tremendously, and then to help with inflammation from my autoimmune diseases. PLUS now I like that animals are not harmed and I reduce my carbon footprint), gluten free (to reduce inflammation, which I noted while doing an elimination diet) diet (I use this word to reference my daily food consumption, not as a means to lose weight). I als…


Greetings from the Great Snowpocalypse of 2017! We have been hit with crazy amounts of snow here in Southwest Idaho over the last couple of weeks. Not only snow but freezing rain, sleet, warmer temperatures causing flooding, and then, of course, MORE snow! We have had 5 snow days in a row and the mayor called a "state of emergency" due to the roads being so dangerous and the risk for flooding. There are also many businesses and homes with ice dams and frozen gutters that have been falling off, flooding inside businesses and schools, and the Payette river has risen over a foot and there have been evacuations. Absolutely bonkers, rights?!? 

I think the biggest thing for us, besides all of the shoveling and de-icing, is the fact that our animals are going stir-crazy! All of the cats have been inside 99% of the day for the past month and you can tell they are just itching to be outside again without all of this moisture! The go out for about 10 minutes and then come right back in…

17 Challenges for 2017!

Happy New Year to all you fine people out there! I hope you all had a lovely New Year's! I spent the evening with some really great people and ended my night drinking way too much champagne as we waited for "Buddies" to come pick us up. Needless to say, yesterday was a little rough. BUT what I did love is that after I fed my detoxing body Tyler cooked me some pan-fried potatoes (read: lots of salt and oil) my body craved nothing but fruit and veggies, begging me to give it the good stuff. So I made some lentil soup and some persimmon cookies and have breakfast and lunch set for the week. By the way, persimmon cookies are amazing! I asked Tyler to get me persimmons and pomegranates for Christmas as I think fruit and lotto tickets are some amazing stocking stuffers and of course he delivered! He ended up getting me fuyu persimmons, which are the ones that get really ripe and are meant for baking. They were so juicy in fact I just squeezed them and the pulp came right out i…