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Addison and the Aquarium

Today I got the chance to give my birthday gift to my cousin, Addison, which was taking her to the Aquarium. We originally had planned the zoo but the rain showers today had us change our mind. She turned 5 in March and I thought it would be fun to go do something together, rather than get her a toy or something I could't really watch her enjoy.

At the Aquarium, we saw tons of tropical fish, reminding me of snorkeling and swimming with various fish while in Belize, which is a great memory. Addison decided she wanted to feed the sting rays and sharks so I got her some bait to do so. She ended up LOVING the sting rays. Of the 2 hours we spent there, easily 30-45 min was her petting the sting rays. I was amazed at how brave she was.

We also got to pet a lizard; she even got to feed it snails! Then we got to feed the birds as well. She loved watching the birds but when they landed on her the claws (talons?)  It freaked her out a little bit. She was a trooper though; I just took the fo…

Building Our Garden

Tyler and I have been hard at work over the past several months turning our front yard into a veggie garden oasis. It has been a lot of hard labor but seriously, a labor of love. Getting dirty and working up a sweat is one of my favorite past times (take that as you will!) and has made the winter blues vanish rather quickly! This past weekend I got to get out in the yard and plant some of our starters. It is nearly the time when all things should and can be planted, which gets me really excited. I love to watch it all GROW! We may be slightly early planting the tomatoes and peppers but the forecast looks great! 
 Roma Tomatoes and Parsley got planted Teeny tiny Rosemary starts were planted Bell Peppers  Basil  My brother, Dusty with Tyler raising the trellises. They added those trellises behind them for the squash to climb up and then the one in the foreground for the tomatoes to be held up with. We have going to have HUGE plants!   The front yard  Dusty being silly. It makes my heart happy

Montana & Mother's Day

Tyler, Winston, and I spent last weekend in Northwest Montana visiting family. Tyler and I have been together nearly 6 years and I had never been to my in-laws' house! Every summer we visit them at their cabin on Flathead Lake and have never actually been to their home. Needless to say, this needed to be remedied! So we picked a nice weekend, one that included a brew fest in Missoula, and headed on up! 
This was Winston's second road trip. He went to New Meadows when he was 6 weeks old, and sat on my lap the whole time. This trip was quite a bit different. Now that he is 9 months and 70lbs (!!!), my lap was no longer an option. So he had his dog bed in the back of the Subaru and he was a happy camper! He is such a good boy; barely a peep the whole way there and back. We stopped every couple of hours and let him stretch his legs, feed him carrots and apples, and gave him love. 
 We got to the house around dinner time and celebrated Cinco de Mayo right by eating rice and beans and…