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Equality and Feminism

Hello and Happy Friday! Today's topic is so not the norm for the blog but since it is on my mind I felt like I needed to get it out. If you are not interested in my thoughts on equality and feminism, please feel free to stop reading.

So where did this come from? Well, it's something I have thought about on and off for the last couple of years and came around again this morning as a Facebook post I made years ago (that I was reminded of this morning as a Facebook memory) Also, I saw a post someone put on their page about equality in the military. 

So first, let's start with equality. As a girl born in the 80's, I do not have as much personal experience with this. I was not involved with protests and burning my bra to make a statement or anything like that. Sometimes I wonder if I have "the right" to make a statement on something I was not personally involved with but then, I think of what equality means to me, and realize I do. What equality means to me (I feel …

Gearing Up for Earth Day 2016!

Hello friends! I wanted to drop a quick word to get you all thinking about Earth Day coming up this Friday. I don't know about you but I feel like since every day seems to be "Insert Random Thing" Day that I am starting to drown out the nonsense. However, I remember celebrating Earth Day as a kid so I know this one is legit!

I remember my teachers talking about recycling, turning off the faucet while brushing my teeth, and planting flowers in order to celebrate and I always loved it. What can I say? I am a tree hugger and I dig that shit.

I do find though that as an adult, the day seems to sneak up on me and then it's non-eventful. This year I am going to challenge myself to do something new and I encourage you, no, challenge you, no double-dog DARE you to do the same!

I am going to challenge myself by.... not throwing away a single thing! I watched this video and I found it to be SO inspiring! I have been trying to buy less things that come in plastic as well as trying…

Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal

Hi friends! This morning I have a new recipe for you guys. What?!? Recipes two days in a row! Yep, you betcha!
This morning I have a vegan, gluten free yummy breakfast option for you! This was inspired by my 3 super ripe bananas that needed to be used up. Instead of making a naughty banana bread, I decided to bake some oatmeal so I have breakfast for the next couple of days. Guilt free breakfast, that is!
I mashed the bananas up first, which was easy as they were super ripe, as mentioned before. I had 3 but ended up using only 2 1/2 because I have the cutest puppy who just LOVES bananas!
Then I added the other wet ingredients, the vanilla and flax egg. Stirred it all up before adding the dry ingredients. I eye balled it based on consistency. I find with my gluten free experimentation, eye balling has become a lot easier for me! Once mixed I divided them into 4 ramekins, put them in the toaster over at 350 for 25 minutes, took a shower and got ready, and then had breakfast waiting for me!…

Super Immunity Soup

Hello and Happy Friday! Today I want to share a recipe with all you fine people. I have some coworkers who have been under the weather so yesterday when I started to feel achy and stuffy, I started to panic! Then I realized, that solves nothing, so I decided to make soup instead! I was in the mood for some broth and comfort plus I wanted to include anti-inflammatory and immune boosting foods. I decided on a miso soup and went from there!
I started with wanting to include onions and garlic. They are anti-inflammatory and are super restorative. Both are also good for your immunity because they contain organosulfur compounds, which are antioxidants. 
Next I want to add ginger. Not only do I love the smell and taste, but it is also well know for its anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, onions, garlic, and ginger cooking on the stove is just about the best smell ever!
Then I want to add some saltiness and some flavor so I added nori sheets. This is what your sushi rolls are made of. It'…

2016 Spring Sprint Tri

Good morning from my sunny and warm back patio! These past 2 weeks have been so incredibly gorgeous! We have had the back door and the windows open to cool down the house, as well as bring in fresh air, and it has been so nice! We are trying to avoid turning on the A/C as long as possible! 
As I sit here with the sun warming my face, listening to the chickens cluck, birds chirp, and coffee brew, I am feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I am such a fortunate woman to be surrounded by so much love. This post is a recap of my 2nd triathlon but what it all boils down to is love. Let's dig in. 
Friday night kicked off the triathlon with the swim portion. The YMCA Spring Spring Triathlon breaks up the swim from the bike and run portion, which is AWESOME! You actually swim in the pool, in your own lane, and get to do it on a separate day, making it just so much more enjoyable. Going in to this race, I, of course, had dreams of beating my times from 3 years ago. I am a pretty compet…