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Weekly Wrap Up

Oy! This has been a rough week for me. My body was just all out of whack both internally and externally and I have done my best to just TAKE CARE. 

I find taking care of myself to be such a learning process. What does it really mean? I don't think there is one way or one definition. It seems to change all the time.

Sometimes it's taking a nap, a bath, going for a walk, watching Charlie's Angels movies (true story), eating popcorn and peanut butter with chocolate chips while watching Friends (another true story), or crying while doing yoga. All of these things I have done this week! Some are more helpful than others, but some were just necessary at the time.

As of right now, in this minute, I feel okay. Better than I was an hour ago. I have no idea how I will feel one hour from now. I just have to take it

I hope you all take care of yourselves too. 

Here are my workouts this past week:

Monday: Rest day, yoga on the couch, walk the dogs
Tuesday: Swam 1/2 mi, YWA, w…

Thursday's Un-recipe: Tea!

One of the things I have found to be sort of fun is making my own tea! Tyler buys be a variety of loose leaf tea and then I generally have a good assortment of herbs and spices where I can make my own combos. 

As I have learned more and more about foods that fight inflammation, I tend to make teas that include these elements. Ginger and turmeric are some serious inflammation-fighting spices, so these are usually included in nearly every tea I make. 

Sometimes I make a single serving tea, other times I will make a whole pot. I find that I have to be careful with how much I drink in the evening because I end up making multiple trips to the bathroom! 32 ounces or a liter might be too much liquid in the evening!

Ginger-Turmeric Tea, sometimes called "Golden Tea" or "Golden Milk"
Single Serving
1 inch ginger or 1/2 tsp ground ginger
1 tbsp turmeric
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 lemon
1-2 ounces milk of choice

Directions: Whisk all ingredients together in a mug. Boil pot of water. Pour int…

Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you all had a great week and are kickin' up your feet on this Sunday evening! 

One of the things I am proud of this week is continuing to batch cook my meals so I am prepped and ready for the work week. Tyler and I started doing this at the start of the year and it has been SO nice! I use meal plans from here  and Tyler cooks what sounds good to him for the week. Usually he makes all the same lunch and the same dinner for himself, and then I do the same. On Sundays I will make two large meals, making 4 servings of each. Meaning one night I usually cook during the week and have those leftovers for lunch one day, making 5 lunches and 5 dinners. Breakfast is then either oatmeal or a green smoothie. If I am short on time, I make Over Night Oats (ONO) which is the oats and water in a mason jar overnight. I add in my fixings too (chia seeds, blueberries, apple sauce, whatever) and then maybe some peanut butter in the morning. I eat it cold if needed or heat …

Thursday's Un-Recipe: Nice cream!

BahI am a day late! My apologies!

Here is a VERY quick little dessert that always satisfies. Feeling like ice cream? But don't want all the empty calories? This recipe is for you!

I love chocolate and peanut butter. Pretty much anytime. anywhere. Ice cream was one of those things that I ate rarely, because well, it's cold, and I am picky on my flavors. When I decided to stop eating dairy, I figured ice cream would be off the table. In a sense it is, because cream is from a cow, however, a cold, creamy dessert was a possibility I just didn't know about, until Pinterest and Instagram!

So here's the scoop (see what I did there?):

Take some bananas, preferably your fairly ripe ones, slice them up, put them in a ziplock, and freeze them. If you are feeling super lazy, you can put them straight into the freezer, peel and all and they will be fine. If so, you will have to let them thaw a bit or nuke them so you can peel them after. Totally your choice. Then you take the bananas a…

Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Presidents' Day to my fellow USA peeps and Happy Family Day to Canadians! I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend, I know I have been! Although the hospital where I work does not recognize today as a holiday, I decided I was in need of a 4 day weekend, so I made it happen :) It has allowed me to get some stuff done around the house, throw a doggy birthday party, go to a Beer Prom, and spend Valentine's Day with my hubby. All in all, a fantastic weekend!

Since yesterday was the day of love, I am going to spend a minute gushing over my husband. You have been warned! Frequently I stop to reflect on my relationship with Tyler. I think it's important to do so, to identify our strengths, our areas of weakness, as well as my own contributions to the relationship that I could improve upon. One of the things I truly love is his ability to make me feel loved. He is very, very thoughtful. For Valentine's day, I did not want a gift. I wanted to spend the day with my guy…

A Doggy Birthday Party

Our darling dog, Kitty turns 11 tomorrow! A celebration was in order! Kitty is the oldest of our pets in our animal kingdom, and as many might know, 11 is worth celebrating in dog years! Kitty is now about 57, according to a dog calculator I used, or 77 based on the old thought of multiplying their age in human years by 7. Either way, she is getting up there in years! So I thought, why not throw her a little party? Yes, I know I am either super weird or incredibly adorable, I am good with either!

So first, we needed a guest list. Since Kitty has a baby brother now, that was easy. Next, my cousin Kayla, has a puppy 6 weeks younger than Winston, whom Kitty has met and seems to get along with well. So, Mr. Baron made the guest list too! And then, well, Kitty has more cat friends than dog friends, so we ended the guest list there. Quality over quantity, right?

 Kitty is such a good girl  Winston has excellent table manners Right before Baron was half way on the table! He is such a fun puppy!

Thursday's Un recipe: Rice Bowls!

This is another quick favorite of mine. It's a great lunch or dinner, your choice. I love being able to just throw things in a bowl. The flavor combos are endless! You start with a cup of rice. Then I choose a veggie, a bean, seasoning, maybe a sauce or avocado and... that's it! The first step is to have rice on hand. Of course you can always make it on the stove but I find making some in the rice cooker so much easier. I can make up to 10 cups at a time, taking about an hour and then I have it all week! I can even freeze it for later if I choose. Here's a suggested recipe:
1 cup cooked rice
1 cup steamed broccoli & Brussels sprouts
1/2 cup black beans
1/4 cup salsa
1/2 avocadoOR1 cup cooked rice
1 cup cooked mushrooms,  onions, and red pepper
1/2 cup edamame
2 Tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp rice wine vinegar
1/2 avocado
1/4 scallions Give it a try! I loved to hear your combos!

My first VLOG: Give Yourself a Break!

Do you ever make a bad food choice? Or get frustrated when you see a gain on the scale? And proceed to beat yourself up? Check out this video!

Weekly Wrap Up

I'm a day late on this post but man, I had a busy weekend! It was mostly fun stuff mixed with household chores and prepping for being out of town this week. I just made it safely to Sun Valley for work so I am going to keep this short. Last week's highlights consist of spending lots of time with some pretty great people, both new and close, including some great dinners, games, and conversation. I am feeling a lot of gratitude this week. Did you ever just sit and reflect on your relationships? Family and friends? Work-related? With your animals? If not I encourage you to do so for a couple of minutes. Which relationships do you find a lot of strength?  Why do you think that is? Which relationships could you pay a little more attention to? I have been trying to practice this more in my life. I find it's easy to become complacent. I challenge you to find a way to consider your relationships from time to time. Hopefully if nothing else you can appreciate all you have and find …

Thursday's Un-Recipe: Bean Burrito!

This week's Un-Recipe is... a bean burrito! I am sure many people have made their fair share of bean burritos so I hope you can have fun witb this one! I find that whenever I am in a pinch, this un-recipe is always there to save me! So let's get to it! Bean Burrito I like to start with the tortilla. These days I am grabbing a brown rice tortilla to keep it Gluten free,  but grab whatever you like. If you are watching the calories, make sure you don't get the biggest one you see! Also, read the ingredients list. I found a spinach tortilla that, get this, did NOT have spinach in it! They used food dye to make it green! I mean, come on! Next the beans! I like to have fat free refried beans on hand at all times, as well as black beans, both refried and non. Totally your preference. And truly, that could be it! However I like to add a little salsa, some hot sauce, a little (or a lot) avocado, and some fresh cilantro if I have it handy. Again, make it your own! Here's a s…

Celebrating Success

In January there are a lot of things I am proud to say I accomplished. I think it is important to celebrate success. Often it seems people are determined to reach their final goal and may not savor the journey it takes to get there. Also, if you all you focus on is the end goal, it might not feel like you have made any progress, which is likely to be untrue. Over the last 31 days, here are the things I am very proud of and am taking the time to pat myself on the back for:

I stuck to tracking all of my food using myfitnesspal. I wanted to aim to be around 1200 calories in and reaching my nutritional goals. There were a few days where it was a bit more than that but really only 1 day where I went over 1500 calories. Between tracking and staying near my goal, I think I did very well. 30/31=97%!I did yoga EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! I am so proud of this. I made yoga a priority. Not only for my body (Hello flexibility and a stronger core!) but very much for my mind and spirit. I am carrying on doing…